Humiliated Harry Styles Tumbles On Stage (Video)

Though some consider Harry Styles of One Direction to be a god, he didn’t appear anything of the sort at a recent concert in Rio. Cambio reports that Styles attempted to do some sort of dance/turn combination while singing Best Song Ever and actually tripped up the steps on center stage. It would be bad enough for Styles to trip going down steps, but going up is even more humiliating.

As Harry Styles began to bring himself up off the floor, Harry seemed to have this befuddled expression on his face. It takes a moment for Styles to gather his composure. Unfortunately for Harry, everyone seems to have a video camera and moments such as this can be captured and shared with the world in an instant.

This is not Harry Styles’ first horizontal introduction to the stage floor. There have been other unexpected moments that Harry has dealt with. While performing in Scotland recently, Harry had a mishap with a shoe. It used to be that girls would toss their underwear on stage for the band members. But Harry Styles had not one, but two shoes thrown at him according to The Independent.

The first shoe landed on the floor, and when Styles picked it up, and said, “It’s a shoe!” the female audience went berserk. It was only a few seconds until, flying out of nowhere, came a second shoe. Only this time the shoe landed smack into Harry Styles’ groin knocking him to the floor in pain, again caught on video.

As Styles lies on the floor trying to gain his composure and deal with the pain, Styles’ band mate, Liam Payne simply says, “Well, he (Styles) has just been assaulted,” reports The Independent.

Harry Styles may need to start wearing protective gear including a cup to protect himself from falls and flying objects. Especially if Harry continues to unzip his pants to expose his new “Brasil” tattoo to his audiences. My advice to Harry Styles would be to keep it zipped and covered.

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