Atlanta Shootings: Five Teens Shot Near Therrell High School, Shooter Still At Large

The Atlanta shootings occurred near Therrell High School. It's said five teenage victims have been shot. The hunt for the shooter has already begun as the Atlanta police department has launched a manhunt.

[UPDATE] The alleged shooter named Marcellus Brooks has been arrested by police. Although only 17 years old, police say he will be charged as an adult. Please see the new story for more details.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the gunman in the recent Atlanta shootings at a FedEx location was not remorseful at all: "I'm not sad or sorry for the misery I caused."

In the case of today's Atlanta shootings the gunman opened fire at a group of 20 students. Witnesses say they were running away from the gunman and five teenagers were hit by the gunfire. Four of the victims were shot in the lower body, and one took a bullet to the chest. Police have not released the names and ages of the victims yet.

Fortunately, reports are indicating that all the shooting victims are expected to survive and they are currently in stable condition:

"Grady's Marcus Trauma Center received five patients this afternoon from a shooting in Southwest Atlanta. At this time four patients are listed as stable, one patient is still being evaluated."
It is believed that some of the teenagers may be students at the nearby Therrell High School, which put itself on lockdown shortly after the shooting occurred. School officials also cancelled all plans for the evening.

The motive behind the Atlanta shootings is not yet known, nor has much information been released about the shooter. Reports say the shooter is an African American male who is in his mid to late teens but his motive or whether he is a student at the high school is unknown. Although police launched a manhunt the suspect has not been caught as of this evening.