Britney Spears May Receive $12 Million To Extend Las Vegas Residency

Britney Spears could end up staying in Las Vegas for a little while longer.

Although the “Toxic” singer is presently scheduled to bid farewell to the Axis stage at Planet Hollywood in 2015, there’s a strong possibility that she might extend that stay by at least a year. Should she decide to stick around for an additional 12 months, the amount of cash in her bank account will grow by leaps and bounds.

According to the Daily Mail, Britney Spears is very close to inking a deal with the folks at Caesar Entertainment. If the singer decides to stick around until Christmas of 2016, she’ll receive a check for a cool $12 million. That’s breaks down to $1 million per month. Hit me baby one more time, indeed.

“Britney Spears has been a great success for the company and will be extended, if she wants to do it, and I cannot see why not,” Caesars Palace President Gary Selesner recently told the New York Daily News.

He added, “She has been filling out the place every night, and she is enjoying it and is in good health… She has a good life, coming in on private jet. She has a villa upstairs at Caesars and really enjoys it here — so why wouldn’t she stay?”

Britney Spears may end up needing the extra cash if a pending lawsuit doesn’t work out in her favor. The Inquisitr previously reported that one of Britney’s music video backup dancers is suiing the singer for allegedly breaking her nose during a dance rehearsal back in 2013.

According to reports, Britney Spears was allegedly intoxicated during the incident. Dancer Dawn Noel states that the singer showed up for rehearsal “in a disheveled and confused state.” After clocking Noel in the nose during the routine, Spears offered up a single apology before diving back into the performance.

Although the singer reportedly offered to take care of any medical expenses as a result of the injury, Spears has yet to cough the cash. Instead of waiting for the check to arrive, Noel is taking the singer to court.

“She’s been very patient and I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just do the right thing,” Noel attorney explained.

What do you think about Britney Spears staying another year in Las Vegas? Do you believe the singer will reject a $12 million payday?

[Image via Ryan Seacrest]