Bruno Mars Collaborates With His Sisters On The Song ‘Voices’: Watch The Video Here

Apparently a passion for music runs in the family! Bruno Mars has teamed up with his sisters to write and produce their latest release “Voices”. The group known as The LYLAS, comprised of Bruno’s sisters Jaime, Tahiti, Presley, and Tiara Hernandez have released a video in conjunction with the single, which can be viewed here. In case you might be wondering what the name LYLAS stands for, it is an acronym for ‘love you like a sister’.

The group is shown in the video as inmates of an insane asylum where each sister is scantily clad and the story behind the song is how we sometimes tell ourselves crazy stories about how our lost love will return.

The sisters have been working hard to step out from their superstar brother’s shadow, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t willing to accept his help in writing their new single. Bruno, who has always appeared to be supportive of his sister’s musical journey apparently was all too willing to help. With the help of Phillip Lawrence, a fellow songwriter and performer, Mars penned the single that “seems promising” according to

Previously, the quintet experienced fame while starring in their own reality seriesThe LYLAS which began airing in 2013. The reality show portrays all the sisters and documents their journey as they leave their native Hawaii and move to Los Angeles to pursue their dream of making music. It would seem that the group has mimicked their brother, whose real name is Peter Hernandez, as he did the same when he moved to LA to pursue his own musical dreams and experienced fame as the world came to know him as Bruno Mars.

The path to musical stardom has proven to be a challenging one for The LYLAS. Their reality show documents these dramatic moments as the sisters claw their way to the top. Aside from singing, each of the sisters is a model with a growing list of clients. They also have been involved in a legal dispute with the likes of Simon Cowell over the use of their name by a girl band performing on the TV talent show X-Factor. The group using the name LYLAS on X-Factor inevitably changed their name to Fifth Harmony. Furthermore, two of the members of The LYLAS are mothers. Jaime and Tahiti spend a lot of time away from their children and families while they pursue their careers in LA, while their families keep the home fires burning in Hawaii.

What do you think? Are you a fan of The LYLAS? Is all the drama worth it?