Calvin Harris Inspired ‘I Will Never Let You Down,’ Says Rita Ora

Calvin Harris was the inspiration for Rita Ora’s latest single “I Will Never Let You Down.”

Since the Fifty Shades of Grey actress is feeling some strong emotions for the DJ these days, she decided to pen a tune about her beau. Although most fans assumed that the tune was about Harris — after all, he did produce the track — Ora finally revealed that her feelings for Calvin came pouring out while writing the lyrics.

According to the Mirror, Calvin Harris helped his girlfriend “see things differently.” In case you were wondering, Harris’ alteration of Ora’s perspective was definitely for the better.

“Y’know I opened my eyes to reality almost. It changed everything, from how I would wake up in the morning and brush my teeth before that person wakes up, I would do girly things I never did before. I am normally the manly-ish girl on the planet,” she explained.

The singer added, “Things were changing for the better. There are times when we are different sides of the world and you get really lonely and you think ‘oh no, I hope that person doesn’t think I am wasting my time or his time.” The song is my way of saying ‘y’know we can figure it out.'”

Ora previously said that she thoroughly enjoyed the time she spent recording “I Will Never Let You Down” with Harris. In her humble opinion, the DJ is at his absolute hottest when he’s doing his thing in the studio.

“I thought [Calvin Harris] was even more sexy when I actually saw him working in the studio. We’d had this pact that we’d never work together for fear it could cause problems but quite the opposite. I’d look at him there, so in control of everything, so creative, and just yelled, ‘Please turn the air-con on to make it cooler in here, as I’m seriously hot!'” she said.

Although it’s clear that Calvin Harris and Rita Ora have a fantastic relationship, a lot of this success depends greatly upon the amount of time they’re apart. The Inquisitr previously reported that Harris doesn’t mind pending a few days away from his sweetheart.

“We see each other like four days every two weeks, so it’s like an issue when she’s around. We’d probably get sick of each other if we had a whole month (together),” Harris recently explained to the Daily Star.

Are you surprised that Calvin Harris served as inspiration for Rita Ora’s song “I Will Never Let You Down”?

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