Viral Cold Water Challenge Blamed In Death Of 16-Year-Old Male

Something called the cold water challenge has taken the Internet by storm, not unlike the cinnamon challenge from years past. Also, in similar fashion, the cold water challenge is considered dangerous, and there has been at least one death associated with it. According to ABC News, Davis Colley, 16, died in Minnesota last weekend after his friends say he attempted to complete the cold water challenge.

Colley’s body was pulled from Eagle Lake on Friday after he went for a swim alone. Sources say that he was chosen to do the cold water challenge, but police have yet to confirm whether or not that’s what Colley was doing in the lake by himself.

The cold water challenge involves students (though it has gone beyond schools at this point) nominating someone to jump in a frigid cold body of water. It is sort of like a “dare,” and the rules are different all over the country, according to the report. For instance, some groups choose a charity and will donate money to said charity if their chosen one goes through with the plunge. Usually, the plunge is taped, and the video is posted online for all to see.

Regardless of how “fun” this challenge might sound, many warn of the dangers:

“This seemed like a fun, harmless thing to do and we understand that but we also know going into the lake at this time of year is something that can be dangerous,” explained Nicole Dizon from New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois.

According to Mail Online, a memorial page for Davis Colley has been set up on Facebook. Also, a fundraising page has been set up for people who want to help Colley’s family following this tragedy. Naturally, people have mixed emotions about the whole cold water challenge thing, but that doesn’t make things any easier for Colley’s family.

The cold water challenge might not seem as dangerous as the cinnamon challenge, but both can be life-threatening. As previously reported by, inhaling cinnamon (which is usually what happens to people who attempt to swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon) can cause serious damage to one’s lungs. The cold water challenge, on the other hand, can cause the body to go into shock and/or hypothermia could set in. Both of these potential “side effects” can lead to death. So you have to really wonder if any of these activities are really worth it. Can’t teens find something better to do with their time?

[Photo courtesy of Mail Online]