Jay-Z And Beyoncé Split? Jay-Z Cheating Rumors Surface After Solange Fight

More Jay-Z and Beyoncé split rumors have surfaced just one day after news that Beyoncé’s sister Solange Knowles attacked Jay-Z in an elevator. This certainly isn’t the first time that split rumors about the couple have come up, but the timing of this batch definitely seems convenient — to say the least.

It is no secret that Jay-Z goes to clubs quite often, especially when he is on tour — and sources say that Beyoncé doesn’t approve — but that’s nothing new. Jay-Z has always been a fan of going out and having some drinks, and some folks claim that he enjoys the company of beautiful women as well.

Back in 2013, The Mirror reported that Jay-Z spent some time with Miss Belgium — and while many thought that Beyoncé would leave him, she didn’t. That story was sort of brushed under the rug and people moved on… but now, people are wondering what’s really going on behind closed doors.

Jay-Z is being scrutinized again because he got punched and kicked by Solange Knowles and no one knows why. There have been several reports released that suggest Solange was sticking up for her sister after learning that Jay-Z had been unfaithful.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports:

“Sources tell us that she just found out about Jay-Z’s latest side chick and that Beyoncé has pretty much decided that the marriage is over. That explains her numb appearance earlier in the evening and it also explains why she didn’t mind Solange attempting to pummel Jay-Z – he deserves it! It’s looking like all of those rumors of trouble while Jay-Z hopscotched across Europe alone were true.”

If this is true, things would certainly make more sense. For instance, why would Beyoncé stand by and allow her sister to pummel Jay-Z? Also, when they left The Standard in NYC after the Met Gala, Beyoncé and Solange reportedly got in a car together and Jay-Z left in his own vehicle. That’s perhaps the most curious piece of this entire puzzle.

As previously reported by Inquisitr.com, the consensus seems to be that there is major marital trouble between Bey and Jay. Beyoncé apparently had a tattoo removed from her “wedding finger,” which signifies that she’s taking steps to get over her husband… but have the two just been faking it?

Jay-Z and Beyoncé always seem so happy and so in love… but something is clearly going on. Do you think a divorce is on the horizon? What do you think caused Solange Knowles to attack her brother-in-law?

[Photo courtesy of Evan Agostini/Invision/AP]