Solange Knowles Attacks Jay Z: Incident Related To Divorce Drama Between Jay And Beyonce?

The answer seems elusive at the moment, as none of the folks involved are talking about it yet. But there have been plenty of conspiracy theories online suggesting just what set off the bizarre attack.

The incident was seen on a video released by TMZ, one that shows Solange attacking Jay Z in the elevator, punching and kicking him and even spitting in his face. The celebrity gossip site MediaTakeOut has a theory behind the attack, claiming that Solange’s attack was related to the growing marital trouble between Jay Z and Beyonce.

“Beyonce [and] Jay Z’s marriage is headed for a REAL TOUGH SPOT… maybe even DIVORCE. So much so that Beyonce had the TATTOO ON HER WEDDING FINGER removed. Well it looks like the SH*T has hit the fan.”

The report added: “If you look carefully you’ll see that while Solange is ATTACKING Jay Z… Beyonce is NOT PROTECTING HIM AT ALL. She’s not even trying to get in between the two. And after Solo gets MOST OF HER KICKS IN… you see Beyonce look over and SAY SOMETHING TO JAY – almost like she was defending Solange.”

Another source said that Solange was set off by a comment Jay Z made either to her or her sister Beyonce.

“Solange flipped out over something Jay had said, that she took the wrong way,” a source told Us Weekly. “She took it too hard or too far. Not sure what it was, but she greatly overreacted.”

But just what did Jay Z say to Solange Knowles to make her attack? The source either didn’t say or didn’t know.