Bunny Eating Raspberries Video Hits Seven Million Views On YouTube, Why? [Watch]

The bunny eating raspberries clip above may only be 33 seconds long, but its length hasn’t stopped it from garnering over seven million views on YouTube since it was uploaded on Friday.

What has intrigued most people are the burning questions that have arisen since this cute little bunny video was first posted to YouTube.

Firstly, we could understand if the clip had some kind of major twist to it; for example, if the fluffy little bunny got crushed suddenly (God forbid)! That would probably warrant a few million views, at least from the more morbid YouTube viewers.

But all the little bunny really does is munch on raspberries. That’s it. The only real twist to the massively viral video is the fact that as the bunny eats the raspberries, it appears as if the cute little thing is wearing lipstick from the red juices. Wow!

Canadian country music radio station 92.9 The Bull usually posts videos of music star interviews, or scenes from station events. For some reason, they decided that it would be a good idea to post the video of the bunny instead. Well, they were right, and at least seven million people agree.

The station said on its Facebook page: “If anyone knows who’s bunny it is, let us know (sic). This was sent to us via an anonymous e-mail and we couldn’t find it online anywhere! We’ll be happy to give credit where it’s due.”

As you’d expect, not everyone shared in the great enthusiasm for the bunny eating raspberries video. One viewer, called Melancholy, simply commented, “The best video ever recorded.”, while user “austi2345” commented, “I find it odd (and funny) how this video has so many likes. We truly are a simple-minded species.”

Overall, the bunny eating raspberries video is being enjoyed by most people who watch it, according to the figures. It has currently received over 40,000 likes and under 3,000 dislikes.

Even the radio station admits on the About section of the video, “There isn’t much more to say. It looks like it’s wearing lipstick.”

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