Adam Carolla: New York Times Bestseller Releases New Book, ‘President Me’

Adam Carolla probably won’t win a Pulitzer, Nobel or any other literary award for his new book, President Me – The America That’s in My Head, but if his two previous titles are any indicator, Carolla’s new work will fly off the shelves, into e-readers, and sit among the best sellers on the New York Times’ best seller list before long.

Now, while this may make many of the literary intelligentsia fuss and fume (their undeniable brilliance and superiority preventing them from enjoying the equal brilliance of writers and voices that don’t fit in their cliques of academia) there’s no denying that Carolla’s wit, insights, humor, and societal takes are hugely popular with readers. There’s also no denying that Carolla’s audience and fans include a wide spectrum of other talented and influential minds, from universities to the highest echelons of the entertainment world.

Carolla’s previous books include 2010’s, In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks, which explores the decline of masculinity in American men, and 2012’s, Not Taco Bell Material, which takes a personal look at Carolla’s life and views as reflected by the various residences that have shaped him into the talented personality he is today.

Both books were top sellers, and perhaps with President Me, Carolla will have a literary trifecta.

In an introductory letter to potential readers and/or voters, Adam “The Ace Man” Carolla presents the following:

“My fellow Americans

President John F. Kennedy once famously said “Hey, is that blond intern eighteen yet?” He also said, “Ask Not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

We’ve changed a lot since JFK asked us all to pitch in. We’ve become a nation of narcissistic, yoga-mat-toting, service-dog-having, absentee dads and gluten-free, hand-wringing, hypochondriac moms of over caffeinated (yet somehow still lazy) twerking tweens. And our government is an inept bureaucracy incapable of doing anything except getting in our wallets and in our way.

We’ve got to get it together, America.

That’s why I, Adam Carolla, hereby declare myself Candidate Carolla. President Me is my manifesto, my vision for a better place…free of Big Government, barefoot fliers, lazy hipsters who’d rather “Occupy” than work, and the other things that are bringing our country down.”

Carolla continues his message by promising to implement the same great Adam Carolla wisdom that has lead to his other successes and will fix our health care, education, energy, and national parks systems. In all, potential President Carolla resolves to deliver us an America we can be proud of; the America Adam Carolla sees “In (HIS) HEAD.”

“You’re welcome in advance,” finishes Carolla, and signs:

Your future leader,

Along with the success of his books and #1 podcast, Adam Carolla has also recently hit reality television gold with Spike TV ‘s Catch A Contractor.

Now with this latest declaration, could President of the United States be next on the curriculum vitae of Adam Carolla?