Caught: Woman selling Gothic Kittens complete with peircings on eBay

Three kittens were removed from a home in Pennsylvania Wednesday by humane officers after it was discovered they were being sold on eBay as Gothic Kittens, complete with ear, neck and tail piercings

The Gothic Kittens were first spotted by an eBay user, who arranged to view the cats and couldn't believe what he was seeing, later tipping off authorities.

Authorities obtained a search warrant for the home and with the assistance of state police raided the home and saved the Gothic Kittens. According to reports, the seller thought the Gothic Kittens were a great idea, and couldn't understand what the issue was.

Just for a double bonus round, a dog inside the home was also found with pierced ears, and the Gothic Kitten seller runs a pet grooming business.

Charges are likely to be filed against the Gothic Kitten seller, and the kittens, minus their piercings offered for adoption.