Vanessa Minnillo Stays Focused On Family After ‘Dads’ Is Canceled

Vanessa Minnillo might not have to work on Dads anymore, but that doesn’t mean that she’s got nothing else to do.

The actress recently sat down for a chat with Parents Magazine and shared a bit about her life at home with her husband, Nick Lachey and their adorable son, Camden, 20-months. While Minnillo’s career is important to her, she knows that she’s also a wife and a mother, and she says that family comes first in her life. According to Us Weekly, Minnillo says that it’s more important for her and Nick to be a family together than to sacrifice that for a job.

Minnillo explained:

“Nick made the sacrifice of waiting until my show wrapped to do his show. I’m not taking opportunities in L.A. during my show’s hiatus. We are a family first, and that means both of us raising Cam together.”

Vanessa Minnillo likely did this interview before learning that Dads was canceled, but it seems clear that she’s going to put her family first no matter what opportunities come her way. Perhaps what is most intriguing about this celebrity couple is the fact that they are very respectful and supportive of one another — something that doesn’t always happen in a relationship (never mind in Hollywood). Their love for one another is evident, but their union is strong because they both work to keep one another happy — inside and outside of their marriage.

Minnillo continued:

“I knew the man I was going to marry was not only a great man, a good friend, and a family guy, but he was going to respect and treat me well and be an amazing father and role model to our children. That’s Nick.”

Nick Lachey thinks Vanessa Minnillo is a great mother and the two work really well together. Nick is currently working on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz in New York City, and while Minnillo doesn’t have to rush back to L.A. to film Dads, there will likely be another show on the horizon for her. As previously reported by, Minnillo’s role in Dads was her first official lead in a television series. The show was funny and Minnillo was quite good in it, so she will likely be offered another role soon — and when that happens? Lachey will be right by her side to support her all the way.

Oh, and as far as more kids? The two definitely want to add to their brood, according to The Hollywood Gossip. It sounds like they have it all figured out!

[Photo courtesy of Parents Magazine]