‘Tomodachi Life’ Trailer Hits Right After Gay Marriage Issues Arise [Video]

A new Tomodachi Life trailer has hit right in the midst of yet another round of gay marriage complaints. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Nintendo’s Miiverse title had patched gay marriages out, claiming they were “strange,” and the Western culture had a problem with it.

With the rising of gay rights in the US these days, Nintendo’s upcoming game brought back an issue among the LGBTQIA community. For those who don’t know, this means anyone who doesn’t claim heterosexual preferences. In Japan, the problem isn’t that big a deal, and Nintendo hadn’t known how much protest they would receive from the US when the option for same sex marriage was removed.

Nintendo released a statement claiming they now understand how important it is, and they will include gay marriage in the sequel if it happens. It seems they do know how to get attention and use it to its greatest potential, though. The Tomodachi Life trailer for the Western versions of the game was just released today, possibly capitalizing on the attention the game is getting right now.

According to the YouTube comments, Tomodachi Life is being called the kid friendly, all-human version of Animal Crossing, attempting to grab the audience that EA Games hasn’t covered for Nintendo since the DS. Much like The Sims, Nintendo’s game uses your Mii avatar and gives you an island to build and live on.

According to the Tomodachi Life trailer, Nintendo has given gamers the option to have rap battles and other fun activities, and it seems the game will even say your name, something very few games actually attempt. You will also be able to give your Mii its own personality and have it play out the drama you give it. The game might even surprise you with some of its character shenanigans.

It appears that if you don’t mind the lack of same sex relationships, Nintendo could have its own version of The Sims for 3DS owners.

[Image via computerandvideogames]