Harvard Professor Creates Crowdfunded SuperPAC To “End All SuperPacs,” Literally [VIDEO]

A Harvard Law professor has created a crowdfunded SuperPAC aimed at reshaping politics and the money that controls it.

Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig launched Mayday PAC– “a citizen’s funded and crowdsourced superPAC-to end all superPACs”- on May 1st with an initial goal to raise $1 Million by the end of May.

As laid out on his website, MayOne.us, the campaign aims to make a fundamental reform.

“Government has failed us,” the site says.

“More than 90% of Americans link that failure to the influence of money in politics.Yet the politicians ignore this influence. While America flounders, they spend endless time with their funders.These funders hold our democracy hostage. We want to pay the ransom, and get it back,” they continued.

Based around the popular crowdfunding method that only collects the money from its contributors if the financial goals are met, the MayDay PAC has already brought in $892,000 with 19 days left.

The plan for the money is explained on the website should they reach their initial goal:

“In 2014, we want to make fundamental reform the issue in 5 congressional races.From that, we’ll have a better sense of what victory in 2016 will take. And we’ll put Congress on notice that in 2016, we’ll be back,” it says.

“So for 2014, we have two fundraising targets:”

“-The first is $1 million by the end of May. If we meet that goal, that $1 million will be matched, and we’ll move to the second target.”

“-That second target is $5 million by the end of June. If we meet that goal, that $5 million will also be matched, and our fundraising for 2014 will end.”

“We will then have the funds we need to hire the best campaign shops we can to use 100% of these kickstarted funds to win in these 5 districts.”

After their 2014 goals are completed, Lessig intends aid to the process that will “win a majority in Congress in 2016 committed to fundamental reform.”

“Based on what we know now, we believe this moonshot is possible. Based on what we achieve in 2014, others will believe it as well,” he says.

You must be a U.S. Citizen to contribute to the fundraiser and must be at least 18-years-old.

Do you support this Harvard Law professors plea to create a superPAC to end all superPACs? If so, do you think the crowdfunding method will work and that he will be able to raise enough money to complete the goals? If you don’t believe he will be successful, why not?