When Judge Dredd Meets Civic Sense, The Results Are Quite Soaking [Video]

The citizens of developed nations might have an evolved civic sense, but those residing in countries like India, still have a long way to go. Though there are laws and penalties to fine violators, seldom are exercised, resulting in blatant arrogance.

Hence taking matters in their own hands (pun unintended), a group of anonymous fighters have come up with a novel, yet scary solution to deter people who nonchalantly ignore their civic responsibility and urinate in public. Reminiscent of the 1995 Sylvester Stallone movie Judge Dredd in which he is the Judge, Jury and the Executioner, a group of vigilantes are serving justice, one hosing–down at a time.

Urination in or near a public place is a punishable offence. There are specific laws and penalty slabs that have been designed for this exact offense. But owing to the apathy and indifference to such a relatively minor crime, people urinate with confidence anywhere they please. Needless to say, it is the men folk who are the primary perpetrators.

The group, who must have continually witnessed this routine and indifferent defacement of public places, decided to act in a way that could get the attention of the perpetrator and instill a permanent sense of fear. Hence, armed with a massive water tanker fitted with water cannon, the anonymous group has been patrolling the streets of Mumbai, India.

Innovatively named the ‘Pissing Tanker’ and painted a bright shade of yellow with an appropriate symbol, the tanker, usually used to disperse angry mobs, is aimed at public pissers. Wherever the tanker goes and spots anyone taking a leak in public places, the perpetrator is hosed down, reported DNA India.

To justify their action, the group has an interesting slogan; You Stop, We Stop. The Pissing Tanker has been apparently roaming the streets of Mumbai at odd hours and ensures it disappears just a stealthily it appeared on the ‘scene of the crime’ reports Daily Mail.

Though many may debate that the methods employed by this group are barbaric and go completely against democratic techniques, there is a profound elemental necessity buried deep within the methodology. Urination in public may be viewed as a crime by the constitution, but is perceived as a virtual birthright by Indians and a minor annoyance by the pedestrians.

Being used to tolerating shanties and encroachments that make it near impossible to walk on footpaths, citizens seldom take action against people urinating in public. To ensure the streets do not bear such crimes, either the perpetrators themselves have to stop the act or they have to be pumped with fear of the consequences. And perhaps the fear of getting drenched when in the act could prove to be a strong deterrent.

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