Colorado, Wyoming Snowstorms: One Foot Of ‘Sloppy’ Snow Falls On Mother’s Day

Colorado and Wyoming saw more than a foot of wet snow fall on Mother’s day in a freak springtime snowstorm which led to car crashes and a number of road closures. On top of that, storm forecasters are expecting things to get a whole lot worse before they get better.

A winter storm warning was issued by the National Weather Service for most of northern Colorado and some parts of southern Wyoming on Sunday running through to Monday morning. Massive thunderstorms and tornadoes are also expected to develop in Nebraska and Iowa.

The plunging temperatures in Colorado led the Department of Transportation to close some roads due to icy conditions along the Interstate 70 west of Denver. A number of accidents had already been reported on the mountain corridor, which also prevented skiers and snowboarders from enjoying the end of season runs.

David Barjenbruch, a weather service meteorologist in Boulder said: “May snow certainly isn’t unheard of here in Colorado, even down in the Denver metro area. If we see the total accumulations that we are anticipating from this storm, we are certainly going to see a top 10 May snow event for the Denver metro area.”

A spokeswoman for Denver International Airport, Julie Smith, said that runways at the airport had been prepared by crews for snow:

“At this point we are seeing some delays with our airlines while they are getting their deicing operations up and running, and we do expect the airlines to be fully deicing in the morning.”

The city of Denver is also planning to combat the snowstorms and deployed over 70 snowplows overnight to ensure the roads are as clear as possible for commuters on Monday.

You may not think that a foot of snow falling in May is common, but it’s not unheard of. Both Colorado and Wyoming have seen even heavier snowfalls in the past, making the current snowstorms seems small in comparison.

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