12seconds gets an iPhone app, opens to public

Short video service 12seconds has launched a video slideshow iPhone app that allows users to take 3 photos and record twelve seconds of audio, but not take video.

The photos and audio make a slideshow which outputs as a twelve second video a users 12seconds account.

12seconds David Speiser says that “this is still not a perfect video solution – Apple refuses to let people record video with an iPhone. But 12seconds has created the best possible workaround with their video slideshow app. I found that in some ways there’s and advantage over real video, because you can re-think and re-word your audio to fit the images you’re sharing. Let me know what you think, and if you need more information to fill in the gaps.”

Nice spin, although he is right, it’s not their fault.

If you don’t have a 12seconds account yet and want one, 12seconds is finally moving out of closed beta and opening to the public.

Here’s a demo video of the new app: