Jordan Belfort: Net Worth May Be In The Millions, Still Hasn't Paid Back His Victims [Video]

Jordan Belfort's net worth may be still in the millions despite being ordered by courts to give back the money he stole from his victims. But exactly how much is the real life Wolf of Wall Street worth?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Jordan Belfort has been dodging debt collectors ever since being released from prison, even going so far as to hide out in a $4 million mansion in Manhattan Beach.

When Belfort was released from prison after just 22 months of a four-year sentence in 2006, the former financial broker founder still had a $110.4 million restitution order hanging over his head from the court system. But in the past eight years Belfort has only paid back $11.6 million to his 1,500 or so clients, and most of that money came from selling off real estate even though he supposedly ran off with $200 million in cash based upon the convictions for money laundering and fraud.

Besides keeping the cash, how is Jordan Belfort's net worth explained? The wolf went to Facebook to make his case:

"I am not making any royalties off the film or the books, and I am totally content with that. My income comes from new life, which is far better than my old one."
In this case, this "income" he mentions is from being an author and motivational speaker, and it's possible he's banking some serious cash again. For example, some reports claim that Red Granite Productions paid Belfort $1.045 million for the rights to his story in 2011 in order to make the movie based upon his life. The government claims he only made $21,000 in restitution payments that year. In fact, Robert Nardoza, a spokesman for the US attorney for the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn, says the big money may be hiding out in the land of Oz:
"Belfort's making these claims, and they're not factual. He's in Australia and using that loophole to avoid paying. The government has seen nothing to suggest that even 100 per cent of Belfort's profits from his book and the movie Wolf of Wall Street would yield, in his words, 'countless millions,' much less the approximately $100 million that is still owed to the victims."
So even the government is questioning whether Jordan Belfort's net worth may still be in the millions despite claiming otherwise. And this very question came up during an interview with 60 Minutes where reporter Liz Hayes asked this question:
"The last thing is that you have an oral contract with your management, the Fordham company, is that an attempt to hide your income?"
Needless to say, Belfort was not happy with that line of questioning, accusing Hayes of attempting a "hatchet job" with the interview:

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