Beaverton School: Tell Us Your Sexual Orientation

The Beaverton School District in Oregon has once again sparked outrage after a new questionnaire that included one question inquiring as to the sexual orientation of parents.

Previously, the school was accused of promoting a “pro-gay agenda” when it launched an anti-bullying campaign tied to a LGBT rights group.

Parents at the time were outraged that the school was pushing a specific agenda and using anti-bullying as a cover. This time around, they just want to know why sexual orientation matters.

The question — No. 26 on a 26-question survey — specifically asks the following:

How do you identify your sexual orientation?

A. Heterosexual

B. Gay or Lesbian

C. Bisexual

D. Questioning

In the Beaverton School District’s defense, the question is marked optional, but that hasn’t stopped some backlash from taking hold.

Parent Kusha Janati filled out the survey, but left the final question blank. Janati shared the reasoning with KOIN 6 News, which originally reported on the story, stating: “I’d have to understand more about why they would need that information. That doesn’t quite make sense why they would need that.”

“There’s much larger, bigger issues that need to be dealt with when it comes to our school system,” parent Haideh Go added, “and I think this is not something that should be top priority at this point.”

For the parents’ part, they’re certainly being civil about it. During the prior anti-bullying backlash, most said they were not against an anti-bullying campaign per se, but didn’t see why there needed to be a direct tie-in to a LGBT group.

For example, one parent, Chris Johnsen, commented that the Beaverton School District was actively promoting gay rights. “You’re taking this one group’s agenda and turning it into something at your school by using their name and their title of it. You are hereby promoting it,” he reasoned.

While the district refused to back down the last time around, they’re taking a decidedly softer stance this time, pointing out that the question is optional and anonymous, and that the information will be used to make sure “we create the most welcome and inclusive learning environment for our students and families.” The district added that they will share their findings with the public and administrators once data has been compiled.

What do you think about the above question, Inquisitr community?

Is the Beaverton School District sincerely trying to build a welcoming environment for all students, or are they becoming too politically motivated and stepping on parental rights? Share your thoughts in our comments section.