Justin Bieber Gets Booed At Los Angeles Clippers Game [Video]

Justin Bieber was booed at the Los Angeles Clippers Vs. Oklahoma City Thunders game he took his mother Pattie Mallette to on Mother’s Day.

E! News reports, “The entire place booed him when Staples Center cameras put him on the jumbotron.”

But, from photos of the event it seems the singer still had big fun at the game while lavishing his mom with affection.

(Photo: Bieber gave the crowd a defiant Westside hand-sign in response to the booing.)

Bieber didn’t only take his mother to the game. The pair were joined by the singer’s manager Scooter Braun and his fiancee Yael Cohen, a cancer charity founder and all sat courtside.

From the slew of selfies and videos Bieber, Braun and Pattie sent during the dramatic game – which the Clippers won 101-99, coming back from a 16-point deficit – the entire group and everyone else in the Staples Center had a great time.

Justin Bieber Booed At The Los Angeles Game On Mother's Day

(Photo: The singer at Los Angeles Clippers Vs. Oklahoma City Thunders playoff.)

Justin Bieber

(Photo: via Braun Twitter, Bieber at Los Angeles Clippers game with Pattie, Braun and Yael Cohen.)

Justin Bieber At LA Clippers Game With Mom Pattie Mallette

Bieber also tweeted appreciative messages to all mothers before the game, and to Pattie — who gave birth to Justin at the age of 18 — and for the most part raised him as a single mom in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

Evidently proud of his youthful, 38-year-old mom – who at 4′ 8″ Justin towers over at 5′ 9″ – the superstar posted two vintage pictures of the pair to Twitter with adoring messages.

“Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing mom,” the 20-year-old singer tweeted in one.

The picture showed a much younger Justin smiling sweetly as his mother looked.

He added, “I love u with all my heart!!’ in the tweet to his 51.5 million followers, tagged with the hashtag #HonorThyMother.

Justin Bieber As a Child With Mother Pattie Mallette

In another selfie, Justin joked that Pattie’s attention was on the food rather than the game, writing:

“Took my mom to the game.. She’s more focu[s]ed on the food: p,” along with a link to the photo and the hashtag #selfie.

Justin Bieber And Pattie Mallette

Evidently making an effort to dress up for the Mother’s Day outing, Justin’s hair was neatly groomed into his famous pompadour style.

The singer wore a widely cut, sleeveless white vest top to the game – which naturally showed off his plentiful tattoos – dark jeans and black combat boots.

Justin Bieber At Los Angeles Clippers Game

(Photo: Heartthrob scrubs up for the game.)

His ensemble echoed Pattie’s style on Sunday. The Nowhere But Up authoress wore a black sleeveless top teamed with black jeans.

Justin Bieber Booed But Has Big Fun With Mom LA Basketball Game

(Photo: Bieber dotes on his mother.)

The pair, who are known to be close, were spotted being affectionate at the game and were seen joking around with Braun and Yael.

Bieber was also seen having in conversation with actor Mark Wahlberg and his wife, Rhea Durham.

Justin Bieber With Mark Wahlberg And His Wife Rhea At Los Angeles Clippers Game

(Photo: Bieber with the Walhbergs.)

Also at the game was champion boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Justin recently supported the undefeated fighter in a Welterweight unifier bout in Las Vegas and the pair were snapped hugging at the basketball game.

It’s speculated the duo are interested in joining Lakers legend Magic Johnson’s future bid for ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Justin Bieber And Floyd Mayweather Buddy Up At Game

Other famous faces in the crowd included comedian and actor Billy Crystal, Bajan bad girl Rihanna and Magic Johnson.

Clearly getting into the spirit of the day, Pattie tweeted a batch of videos from the game.

One showed Justin being handed a ball by an official. The singer managed to make it spin with one finger for a length of time on his second attempt.

Another showed the young singer cheering on the game.

Pattie tweeted her delight at spending Mother’s Day with Justin to her over three million Twitter followers.

She wrote: “Enjoying Clippers game with my favourite man for Mother’s Day. Love you.”

Bieber was also seen having fun with NBA stars, LA Clippers’ Jamal Johnson and OKC’s Kevin Durant.

Justin Bieber And Kevin Durant

As ever, the “Confident” singer made time for fans at the game and posed for pictures.

Bieber later tweeted out a shot of one fan’s successful attempt at getting a kiss on the mouth after she offered her cheek and turned at the last minute.

Justin Bieber

(Photo: Bieber with two young fans at LA Clippers game.)

Justin Bieber Taking A Selfie At The Los Angeles Clipper Playoff

(Photo: Bieber, in good spirits at the game.)

Early Monday morning, Justin appeared to comment on the booing episode and uploaded a photo of himself and his mother in an outside setting.

The singer’s caption read, “My mom has taught me how to love, forgive and believe. She is my everything.”

For her part, Pattie responded on Twitter, writing,

“BEST Mother’s day of my life! Thank you @justinbieber you are my heart. My heart is so full!! Thank u 4 all the HappyMothersDay wishes! Xoxo.”

Bieber later took his mother out to dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel Beverly Hills after the Clippers game.

Justin Bieber And Pattie Mallette On Mother's Day

(Photo: via Instagram Bieber and Mallette in a reflective moment on Mother’s Day at Los Angeles Clippers game where he was booed.)