Nagging Early Grave: Men At High Risk For Early Death Due To Nagging

Nagging might send you to an early grave according to a new health study. While you might think that nagging is harmless (and sometimes gets things done at home), it actually might have negative impacts on your life. According to a report by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, nagging can actually cause you to die earlier than if you lived a nag-free life. Research done at the University of Copenhagen suggested that stressful relationships can affect you more than you think.

The Telegraph UK reports:

“Men who were subjected to ‘nagging’, constant demands and worries from their partners, were 2.5 as likely to die within ten years than those with less stressful relationships. The effect is so strong it could account for hundreds of deaths a year.”

If nagging can send your husband or partner to an early grave, perhaps easing up on the demands is a good idea. Sure, it’s easier said than done, but being stressed out in a relationship really isn’t fun for anyone. Knowing that said stress can actually shorten your years on earth? Well, that’s really not worth it, is it? Interestingly enough, women aren’t impacted by nagging at all… are you surprised?

While stress is a known factor in conditions that could lead to an early death in both men and women, nagging has now officially been added to the list of things that men should stay away from. And anyway, who really enjoys being nagged?

If you are worried about your constant nagging sending your spouse to an early grave, perhaps it’s time for you to change up your routine. It’s hard to break a bad habit but with the new statistics, it’s probably a good idea to try.

“The researchers calculated that around 315 extra deaths per 100,000 people per year could be caused by spousal demands and worries.”

Ways to avoid nagging include writing notes (complete with endearing terms) and consistently reminding yourself not to keep pestering your spouse over the same issue every other day. Giving a time frame works really well for avoiding the inevitable nag. For instance, if something needs to get done around the house, give your spouse one week to accomplish it. If it’s not completed in a week, it’s fair game to ask again. Nicely, of course.

As previously reported by, there are lots of things that you can do to keep your marriage healthy and to avoid sending anyone to an early grave. So, will you stop nagging your spouse after learning about the potential negative side effects?

[Photo courtesy Alamy via The Telegraph UK]