Candy Spelling Opens Up About Tori Spelling: We’re A Work In Progress

Candy Spelling believes that she and Tori are a work in progress.

It’s no secret that the former 90210 star and her mother don’t have the strongest or most stable relationship on the planet. Spelling has discussed her mother at-length on several occasions, though fans of the reality TV veteran never really get to hear Candy’s side of the story.

Folks who want to hear Candy Spelling’s version of this lengthy tale are strongly encouraged to pick up a copy of her book Candy at Last. In addition to discussing her life with television producer Aaron Spelling, she also dishes on the many years she’s spent fighting with her famous daughter.

“Tori and I are a work in progress and probably always will be. I notice that the more my self-esteem expands, the less patience I have for the pursuit cycle she creates when she shuts me out. We have a pattern, and until we can break it hand-in-hand, this is going to be the little dance she and I do together,” Candy Spelling wrote.

Tori’s mom also explained that she has regular contact with her son Randy, though she often doesn’t hear anything from her daughter for extended periods of time. In fact, Candy stated that she first met Tori’s husband Dean McDermott during Aaron Spelling’s funeral. Not surprisingly, she described this encounter as “very uncomfortable.”

However, Candy Spelling wrote that she doesn’t want people to think that she’s winning any awards for Mother of the Year. Spelling freely admits that she made more than a few mistakes in her life, although she ultimately believes Tori should start taking some responsibility for the way her own existence has turned out.

“I also believe that there comes a time when you have to stop blaming your parents. I have learned from my own journey that at some point you have to take responsibility for your own actions and attitudes,” Candy explained.

Tori Spelling discussed an encounter with her mom last year, shortly after the reality TV star discovered that she was having a little trouble making ends meet. The actress admitted that asking Candy Spelling for help was one of the most difficult things she’s ever had to do.

“That was really hard. It was difficult at the time to go to her and say, ‘Can I have help with this?’ And I told the story because halfway through I was like, ‘You know what, Mom, I just want to have lunch with you, forget it, I’m gonna do it myself, and I did,” Tori said.

Candy Spelling’s book Candy at Last is available now.

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