What This Motorcycle Cop Found On A Busy Freeway Will Break Your Heart — Then Make You Smile

The intimidating motorcycle cops of the California Highway Patrol are generally the one sight that drivers in the Golden State never want to see. They usually mean an expensive ticket. But for one scared puppy on Friday, the sight of a CHP officer must have been the greatest thing ever.

Some cold-hearted, poor excuse for a human being left the tiny, two-year-old chihuahua on the concrete center divider of the busy, high-speed highway 680 in Walnut Creek, California, in Contra Costa County south of San Francisco.

The poor little girl was absolutely terrified. But a motorist spotted the scared puppy and one CHP motorcycle patrol officer came to the rescue of the tiny, adorable dog huddled on the narrow meridian, hanging on for dear life as traffic rushed by.

The CHP tweeted a photo of the officer trying to lure the little gal to safety with a treat. Because the CHP are so prepared for anything, they even carry dog treats, apparently.

Actually, the officer improvised with a protein bar, and eventually he was able to entice the frightened chihuahua into his arms.

The saddest part of the story is that the CHP wasn’t even surprised by finding an abandoned dog in the middle of a freeway.

“As sad as it sounds, it actually happens pretty often,” said CHP Officer John Fransen Saturday.

So what happened to the scared puppy? The CHP delivered her to Contra Costa County Animal Services, where the dog is reported to be doing as well as can be expected, though it appeared to be physically unharmed, even though the initial report said — wrongly, it turned out — she had been hit by a car.

rescued dog

“She is extremely scared and allowed only a preliminary exam,” said the Animal Services Department on its Facebook page. “We found nothing obvious, but will do a further exam when she calms down. The citizen who reported the dog on the freeway is interested in adopting her if her owner doesn’t come forward!”

The Facebook page, and the CHP Twitter account quickly filled with expressions of gratitude to the rescuing officer, whose name was not released, but who certainly embodied the police motto, “to protect and serve.”