Loyal Golden Retriever Protected Skier’s Body From Coyotes

Buddy the Golden Retriever guarded his 81-year-old master’s body for about 24 hours until rescue crews arrived.

Robert Blake, a retired New Mexico veterinarian and avid outdoorsman, died from an apparent heart attack while cross-county skiing with Buddy near Lizard Head Pass in Teulluride, Colo. He was reported missing last Friday afternoon.

Buddy stayed by his owner’s side until rescue teams found him under a tree the next day. According to San Miguel County Sheriff Bill Masters, Buddy was in a protective state when they arrived: “There are a large number of coyotes in the area and Buddy refused to leave Mr. Blake’s body until we spent some time coaxing him to trust us… He’s the hero in this.”

Blake’s wife sensed something was wrong when her husband didn’t check in with her Friday night. Added Mrs. Blake, “I knew Buddy was with him, and would not leave him, I knew that, you know just from my heart.”

A GPS tracker that sent Mrs. Blake messages on her computer allowed authorities to locate her husband’s vehicle in Colorado.

A mountain rescue helicopter looking for Blake lost power and crash landed during the search, but fortunately none of the four crew members suffered serious injuries.

The Inquisitr has previously reported on heartwarming and heartwrenching incidents of both extreme loyalty and bravery on the part of man’s best friend. This past week, for example, a three-year old North Dakota boy who was missing for six hours Monday night was found safe after an hours long search with his dog laying on top of him.

In Italy, Ciccio, a 12-year-old German shepherd, apparently has attended church every single day since his owner died. Ciccio used to accompany his owner to Santa Maria Assunta church every afternoon when she was still alive, and has been keeping up the habit long after she has passed. In Argentina, another German shepherd named Captain refused to leave his deceased owner’s grave over a six-year period. In a more recent incident, two inseparable Lab-pit bull mixes were found wandering the Philadelphia streets, one of whom is blind and is guided by the other.

Watch a news report about Buddy the Golden Retriever and loyal companion of the late Robert Blake: