Happy Mother’s Day! Show You Cherish Your Mom With These Unique Gifts!

It’s that time again! In less than 24 hours, Mother’s Day will be here! I honestly hope you have something wonderful to give to your mom this year. If by chance you don’t, we here at The Inquisitr would love to offer you some wonderful suggestions that may be out of the norm, but will surely stand out on mom’s special day.

Instead of buying a Mother’s Day Card…

Over 81% of people will buy their mom a Mother’s Day card on mom’s special day. Truly it makes sense because Mother’s Day is technically considered one of the Hallmark Holidays, meaning it was probably made influence card sales. Nevertheless, there are some truly remarkable cards now, especially the ones that animate, play music, or even let you record your own special message. Unfortunately, most Mother’s Day cards end up in one place: the trash. True there are some moms out there who will keep their Mother’s Day cards (and all other special occasion cards) in a bag or a box, but they are one in a million these days.

Message In a Bottle

Instead, try sending your mom a wonderful message in a bottle. Unlike cards, the bottles are far more unique and even different than what most people would default to on Mother’s Day. Another wonderful thing about a message in a bottle is they become a beautiful keepsake to be displayed on mom’s mantle, or desk, or where she decides to put it.

Instead of Buying A Bouquet of Flowers on Mother’s Day…

Along with Mother’s Day cards, a bouquet of flowers is another traditional staple. Flowers are always a beautiful choice to give to mom, especially if you want something with a bit more extravagance than a card, but won’t kill your wallet. However, just like Mother’s Day cards, most (I should say all) bouquets of flowers eventually die and end up in the trash. Don’t get me wrong, a bouquet is a nice gift, but it is fleeting.

Edible Arrangement

Instead of getting a bouquet on Mother’s Day, try getting an edible arrangement. True this probably has a lifespan shorter than a bouquet of flowers, but the reason why is everything on it is so delicious. There are many options to choose from and most of them do have chocolate dipped strawberries, which from my experience is always admired among women. Also, a lot of the Mother’s Day arrangements come with stuffed animals and balloons.

Instead of Taking Your Mom To A Movie…

Movies are always great to go to. There is something about eating popcorn, drinking soda, and stuffing theater candy into one’s self while watching a flicker show you’ve been aching to see that makes movie theaters awesome! However, the question that comes up is, “do you want to watch what your mom wants to watch?” There is also the other question, “what is a good movie to watch on Mother’s Day?” Right now, the movie Neighbors and Spider-Man 2 are dominating the box office. But unless you really know your mom wants to see those, they may not be “Mother’s Day” movies if you know what I mean.

Instead of a movie, try taking your mom to some sort of performing arts event. This could be a play, ballet, or concert. I myself have some experience with this because my Mother’s Day gift to my mom was taking her to a performance by the Shen Yun Performing Arts. My mom loved it, and I myself – in which theater is one of admiration – enjoyed it too. True, your mom may not be into a specific performing art, but the spectrum is so broad, I am sure there is something out there for everyone. Just above, I even posted a video of Kristen Chenoweth, who is in Rio 2, singing an impromptu song in the Broadway style.

Instead of Taking Your Mom To A Restaurant…

This one is probably going to be the hardest one to alter from the norm. Most Americans love to eat out in restaurants if they can, especially on special events like Mother’s Day. Even mom will be down for chicken wings if you’re treating her out right? Thing is, this is a commonality that is rooted within our society, so though not wrong, it sure is utilized a lot.

If you really want to surprise your mom when it comes to food (and I don’t mean the edible arrangements which we covered), try doing something your mom might not expect: cooking for her. That’s right! I said it! Cook for her. In order to do this right, you got to find out what your mom’s favorite dish it. Next learn how to cook it. It takes some time and practice, but in the end, your mom will love you more for it, especially on Mother’s Day. Also, don’t be cheap! Buy all the ingredients, actually cook the food in front of your mom so you can have a decent conversation, and WASH ALL THE DISHES!

Now it should be understood that if you can’t afford any of the above, especially in this economy, you don’t have to buy them. These are only suggestion and there is nothing wrong with Mother’s Day cards, bouquets, taking your mom to the movies or restaurant. The above were just a means of giving your mom something unique for Mother’s Day, something that goes beyond the norm but still shows how much you love her.

If there are any other suggestions or unique ideas I missed, please add them to the comments below. I am sure others would love to see what wonderful ideas others may have. Besides, it may be your idea that someone follows for their Mother’s Day gift for their mom!

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