Alec Baldwin’s Stalker Genevieve Sabourin Still Waiting To Hear His Side Of The Story

Alec Baldwin’s stalker Genevieve Sabourin was recently released from prison. Now she’s hoping the object of her obsession with finally cough up his side of the story.

For those who missed the news, Baldwin’s stalker bid farewell to the confines of Rikers Island on March 31. Since she’s still very focused on the former 30 Rock star’s life, it didn’t take long for Sabourin to start publicly obsessing about Baldwin all over again.

Speaking exclusively to the folks at Radar Online, the woman convicted of stalking Alec Baldwin said that she doesn’t feel she has received the entire story. Instead of realizing that Baldwin doesn’t want anything to do with her, Genevieve said she’s waiting to hear what the actor has to say about the whole ordeal.

“I don’t have his side of the story, so I feel like I don’t have the full truth. I wanted to understand his side. On my quest for closure, I want to understand why he did this to me,” Alec Baldwin’s stalker told the website, adding that she’d love to have chat with the guy in the near future.

Although Baldwin’s testimony ultimately led to her conviction, Sabourin said she doesn’t hold anything against actor. She added, “The past is the past. There’s nothing I can change. It has been a tough ride, but this isn’t the time for a breakdown. I’m ready to bounce back. In America, people rise from the ashes, and I’m strong enough to do that.”

According to Bang! Showbiz, Alec Baldwin’s stalker previously stated that she had a sexual relationship with the actor back in 2010. However, Baldwin insists that nothing of the sort ever took place. Since she never had a chance to discuss the situation with Alec face-to-face, Genevieve is hoping for an opportunity to talk to the actor in the flesh.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Sabourin sent Alec Baldwin 10 emails in a single day back in March of 2012. The stalker was apparently very unhappy about the actor’s marriage to yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas. Needless to say, Alec was pretty concerned about the woman’s erratic behavior.

“She said that I could call the FBI and have her put in jail, or I could call her and speak to her. She told me if I did not have an conversation with her it would mean ‘war’ and that she was ‘ready for it’ and asked if I wanted to have this happen in a non-control[led] place and time at any given moment like a bad surprise,” Baldwin said in an affidavit.

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