Lana Del Rey Concert Ticket Sales Hotter Than The Biggest Names Out There

The adorable and mysterious Lana Del Rey has had one great year so far, with the explosive, chart-busting songs taking in millions of copies worldwide and the blowout new short film Tropico which has fans craving to see her in person. However, according to Forbes, catching a glimpse of this luscious lynx is going to cost you big time. Gathered data received from TiqIQ, a place that allows people to sell tickets to shows they are unable to go to, have put Del Rey’s price far above her competition, selling at $269.68 for her current tour. It seems with just a tilt of her curvaceous hip she has knocked back big artists like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and yes, even the Beeb. Now she only has one pop minstrel to conquer: Beyoncé, who is considered the biggest female star in the world today, though Lana doesn’t need a Jay-Z with her to help boost the ticket sales.

Just as an earlier Inquisitr article predicted, Lana Del Rey was a star waiting to go supernova, and her latest tour is outshining everything around her. On April 14th she filled the house and then some as she stopped in Phoenix, Az to give them a little taste of her awesomeness. Critics praised her ability to draw the crowds in with her charm and personality, only to leave them mesmerized by the hauntingly beautiful music that drizzled from her throat.

Perhaps this is why such a newcomer can easily trod over greats like Cyrus, who hasn’t been able to boost her secondary ticket sales much farther than the averaged $195.41, even after giving everyone a taste of what she was hiding while she was swinging on a wrecking ball. In fact, while most female artists today are getting banned from social media sites for exposing their nudie bits to increase sales and walking around on stage showing off the bruises on their backsides, Lana likes to put her talent over her sexuality. Though no one is complaining about how good she looks in a pair of cut-off shorts.

Even Lana's tongue appears more talented than Miley's.

While playing smaller venues may be part of the increase in secondary ticket prices, it is obviously a minor factor. Since her “Born to Die” album rose to the #1 spot in multiple countries across the globe, Lana has amazed and astounded everyone who has seen her. Nominated for two Grammy Awards and four MTV Video Awards, it is not hard to think the smaller venues are done just to keep people from trampling one another to get a closer look.

Even Lady Gaga could learn a thing or two from Del Rey. Once considered the “queen of pop,” Gaga’s latest tour, ArtRAVE, which offers 71 concerts in 6 months in 4 countries can’t compete with Lana, bringing in only $229.44 in secondary ticket sales. And while Gaga and the other big names throw around their stardom like monopoly money, Lana hasn’t forgotten what it was like before fame wrapped her in its arms and lifted her to the heavens. In an interview with Kiss 95.7 out of Connecticut, Lana describes her down-to-earth beginnings, and how her rise to the top was a dream come true.

“Uhm, honestly it’s kinda hard to even sort of remember the way that the things were because they’re so different now in the way that it was hard to even get anyone down to the clubs on the Lower East Side I guess seven or eight years ago. So I mean that a tour would sell out is amazing, ’cause when I was younger like my goal was to be a touring artist and you know and not just in America, but you know maybe if I ever wanted to travel abroad that that would be a possibility. So, I mean it’s… Yeah it’s an honor. Especially, you know, thinking about it now that I get to do the music exactly the way I wanna do it so it’s very cool.”

It seems the only thing Lana Del Rey doesn’t have in her back pocket is the coveted GQ Woman of the Year award. Oh wait, yeah, she has that too! Calling her an “enigmatic-pneumatic bombshell,” GQ bowed before Lana, bestowing her with an honor every woman with any fame under her belt would tear her eyes out for. Yet for Lady Del Rey, the only eyes she needs to be concerned with are the ones gazing up at her in awe.

With the depth, versatility and personality Lana Del Rey extrudes from every pore on her body, you would be a fool to miss out on going to see her, even if you have to pay a king’s ransom to do so.

But don’t take my word for it, watch Lana perform Video Games in Las Vegas below and see why the world is melting in her grip.