WWE News: Former Superstar Jailed For Molesting Daughter

The WWE may be in a “PG” era transitioning to a “Reality” era, but the reality is there is still bad news surrounding the company that is nowhere near “PG.” A former WWE wrestler was sent to jail for molesting his daughter.

According to Pro Wrestling Scoops, former WWE jobber Buck Zumhofe was sentenced to 25 years in prison for four felony counts of sexual conduct on Thursday. Originally, Buck was found guilty back in March. He tried to run from the court room and had more charges filed against him for the attempted escape. Prosecution asked the judge to double the sentence since had been found guilty before for sexual misconduct as well as for the pain and suffering inflicted on the victim and family. Luckily for the former WWE jobber, the judge denied the request.

Former WWE jobber, Buck Zumhofe

In total, there were 12 charges against former WWE jobber Buck Zumhofe, which includes the attempted escape, in which 10 more years might be added to his sentence. Also, he is now 68 years old, meaning his chances of dying in prison are quite high, and I mean from natural causes. The charges were originally just 12 years, but Buck’s daughter has claimed the former WWE jobber has molested her at least 1,800 time, often more than once a day throughout 12 years.

Buck Zumhofe predominantly wrestled in AWA in the Minnesota area with the tag name of “Rock and Roll.” His gimmick was to bring a boom box to the ring, which was no longer used when he went to WWE. In WWE, Buck Zumhofe has two distinct claims to fame. First, he was the first wrestler to lose to WWE superstar Triple H when the “King of Kings” first came around as Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Buck Zumhofe also holds the distinction of being the first person WWE superstar, The Undertaker, stuffed into a body bag early in Undertaker’s career. The rest of “Rock and Rolls” WWE career is lackluster and unmemorable.

Despite his roles in WWE, Buck Zumhofe has a troubled past. According to Examiner, the WWE wrestler was arrested back in 1986 for sexual misconduct involving a minor. That gave Buck Zumhofe jail time. He signed with the WWE after this event took place. Over time, other wrestling promotions avoided signing Buck Zumhofe because of his criminal past once it was discovered. Recently, he’s been trying to promote his own independent promotion, which he would have used his WWE past to influence it somehow.

Unfortunately for former WWE jobber Buck Zumhofe, an independent promotion after WWE may never come now that he will be in prison for a quarter of a century…unless he can open a promotion within the jail. That may not happen though because most prisons have their own brand of justice pertaining to inmates who mess with children. No amount of WWE popularity will save him if that happens.

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