Feds Go After ‘1 Tip for a Tiny Belly’ Ads

If you haven’t been living under a rock or in a cave void of internet connectivity you have probably seen your fair share of weight loss ads on the web, however one of those ads which focuses on “1 tip for a Tiny Belly” may not be invading your computer screen for much longer as the federal government is going after advertisers of the “product” calling it a “giant fraud.”

The ads are not new and have garnered “tens of billions of views” while raking in more than $1 billion for advertisers.

The federal government is concerned because the advertisement often leads to fake news articles that are meant to look like unbiased investigative reporting, for example Consumeronlinetips.com, when in actuality they are made up news sites that provide no conclusive facts. Users purchasing “Free” samples are often charges big bucks for “renewing” their “subscriptions” in some cases up to $80 every few weeks.

In other cases this particular ad has linked to news organizations and celebrities for endorsements, even though no real endorsements have been made.

With such far reaching fraud it’s no surprise the ads are being targeted by the Feds.