Watch Spanish Grand Prix Live Online, Formula 1 Streaming Video

Racing fans can watch the Spanish Grand Prix live online and see if Louis Hamilton can continue his winning streak.

After starting the Formula 1 schedule with a defective engine part that prevented him from finishing the Australian Grand Prix, Hamilton has won the last three races and is on the heels of the points leader, his Mercedes Formula 1 teammate Nico Rosberg.

He will have chance to make it four in a row at the Spanish Grand Prix, which starts at 13:00 GMT on Sunday.

Fans who watch the Spanish Grand Prix live online will likely see a tight race, with Hamilton predicting that he and Nico will go back and forth atop the leader board.

“Nico is driving really well, he’s pushing me very hard and keeping me on my toes,” Hamilton said. “We’re going to see from race to race, there are going to be times when he’s going to be quicker and I’m going to be quicker, as we saw last year.

With the Spanish Grand Prix, Formula 1 is returning back toward Europe after four races on the other side of the world, and is seen as one of the most important events on the schedule.

“The Spanish Grand Prix is traditionally a defining race weekend; not so much for the fact that it is the first race at which teams bring major upgrade packages, but more for what the track reveals about the cars,” wrote BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson. “With only one significant straight, and long, demanding corners following one after the other, it is a test for the capabilities of the car like no other. Can, on that basis, Red Bull and Ferrari, whose chassis look strong even if their engines don’t, put up more of a challenge to the dominant Mercedes team? The next three days will provide an answer.”

Fans who want to watch the Spanish Grand Prix live online can click here for the Sky Sports feed, available to viewers in the UK. Viewers in the United States can click here, while viewers in India can click here.