Travel Often? You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is For Dishonest Baggage Handlers To Steal Your Valuables [Video]

Are you finally getting ready for that vacation to Java? Busy preparing for that business trip to London? Chances are, you’ll be bringing a baggage or two for the trip. Perhaps, in an attempt to make sure your valuables are safe, you might even put a lock on the zippers of your luggage. Hopefully, that will discourage evil-doers from taking any of your stuff.

However, you won’t believe how easy it is for someone to open up a luggage even with locks “securing” its zippers. Watch how YouTube user bosnianbill opens up a seemingly secured luggage with just a ballpoint pen.

As mentioned in the video, a few dishonest baggage handlers could potentially break into your luggage and take away your belongings. Using a ballpoint pen, they can easily puncture through the teeth of your baggage’s zippers and open up your luggage easily. They could take your gadgets, laptops, and other expensive things and close the baggage like nothing happened. The worst thing is, you would have no idea how someone was able to take your valuables away. The punctured zipper could simply be enclosed again once they move back the baggage zipper.

So how can you protect your baggage?

As suggested in the video, don’t use baggage that requires zippers to close. They are evidently too easy to open up. Use suitcases that can be latched together and secured with heavy duty locks.


However, some people believe that this method can be as equally unsecured. This type of suitcase might be perceived by some as too “special” and might get “lost” altogether in the process of airport and terminal handling. Redditor flemtality said:

“A plastic case with two giant padlocks on it would be the kind of luggage that would get “lost” somewhere mysteriously because it looks like it has some super expensive [expletive] inside of it.”

Additionally, industrial type plastic cases might pose a problem for the weight limit of airports and terminals. These types of cases would definitely be heavier than the standard baggage, and would add a couple of pounds aside from its real contents.

One Redditor, willdogs, has a good suggestion:

“I travel, A lot. Hint: Don’t pack valuables in your Checked Bag. Only Clothing goes there, let them take my dirty underwear. All electronics, jewelry and everything else of value stays with on you or in your carry-on bag. End of story.”

A problem with this suggestion would be expensive clothing. Some suits could potentially cost a couple thousands more than your everyday gadgets.

Do you travel often? What can you suggest to secure baggage during trips?