Farrah Abraham Fired From 'Teen Mom' For Her Role In The Adult Entertainment Industry

Farrah Abraham is recently open on the market this week. Why? Abraham has been terminated from Teen Mom by being cut out of season five negotiations.

According to a report by US Magazine, the reason Abraham was cut from Teen Mom is that Abraham is a "bad influence" as stated by executives and co-stars Amber Portwood, Maci Bookout, and Catelynn Lowell. And to clarify their distaste in Abraham, all of them wanted her canned.

Calling Farrah Abraham a "bad influence" must be a very nice way of stating her current career choices in the adult entertainment industry. Over the last year or so, Abraham has leveraged her Teen Mom popularity into many exploits into the adult entertainment industry. This includes two sex tapes with adult actor, James Deen, a sex toy line, and an erotic novel trilogy. Outside of the adult entertainment industry, Abraham even had a stint on Couples Therapy, though she was the only contestant who wasn't technically in a coupling.

There is more that Abraham did, but her new direction in the adult entertainment industry was probably enough for MTV to cut her from Teen Mom. They felt Abraham set a bad example and doesn't represent the network.

The cast of

Another issues is that Farrah Abraham's co-stars on Teen Mom refused to do the show if Abraham were to participate. MTV obliged to the three out of four but in the end, Abraham says that it's all good:

"Truthfully, I was never friend with them. Personally, I like to keep my life separate. We came in separate, and I think it's best we keep out lives separate."
The Hollywood Gossip added that Abraham's hurrah into the adult entertainment industry is considered some shady stuff. But it should be reported that some of Abraham's co-stars aren't exactly squeaky clean either since Portwood has been in prison. Let's not forget about Teen Mom 2, which has that model citizen of a teen mom, Jenelle Evans (and yes I wrote this last part sarcastically). And despite how dirty it may be, the adult entertainment industry is technically not a negative tick on Abraham's record.

And when did MTV become so moral all of a sudden? If it's just after Abraham's ambitions outside of Teen Mom, I am going to laugh. Besides doing the abomination of not playing music videos on music television, MTV has a cluster of shows that expresses the moral aptitude of our nation like The Hills, Jersey Show, and of course Teen Mom 2. Isn't this also the channel that had Bam Margera, Johnny Knoxville, and Steve-O do some idiotically stupid stuff on a show called Jackass?

If Farrah Abraham continues pursuing her "bad decisions" to remain a "bad influence", she'll be fine. Teen Mom was just a stepping stone which so happened to lead to adult entertainment industry. I just wonder how Abraham will be able to cover all this up when her daughter is old enough to realize what her mommy has done for fame.

Farrah Abraham will have to cross that bridge when the time comes but until then, Abraham is busy writing erotica on paper and quite possibly filming movie number three. Abraham has no time to bother with Teen Mom after all.

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