People Idiotically Believe Barack Obama Says John Boehner Is Racist Because He ‘Doesn’t Like Mexican Food’ [VIDEO]

People will believe almost everything these days if it goes against what they are fed to think. In another unique “Man on the Street” video by Mark Dice, the subject is the resignation of House Speaker, John Boehner for saying racist statements for “not like Mexican food”.

It is amazing how many people will fully agree with Mark Dice, that Barack Obama is right to call for the resignation of Boehner over the racist statement of “not liking Mexican food”. The clincher is this video was also recorded during Cinco de Mayo, which by all means is a Mexican holiday, yet it is quite plausible most people don’t even know what Cinco de Mayo stands for. Still, not liking Mexican food makes people racist right?

The irony about this video, along with many of Dice’s “Man on the Street” videos, is the story is completely fake. According to Digital Journal, Dice had people believing Barack Obama was having a divorce with his wife as well as sign numerous petitions all in the support of improving Barack Obama’s abilities to run the country. The catch with those petitions is that people are signing to have certain rights revoked from the Constitution, meaning they are signing to have their rights revoked as American citizens.

All these videos are made to simply show how much Americans are zombies when it comes to current events. People will believe whatever is told of them. People will sign anything if they think they are supporting a cause despite what it may really be. People will easily slap the tagline “racist” on anything that can sound remotely racist in the first place.

If these events were real, it would also be a farce since John Boehner actually likes Mexican food, in which he has taken photos of his meal at El Guapo’s in Milwaukee as seen below, as reported by South Milwaukee Now. That should put a damper on said racist comments.

John Beohner Mexican Meal

John Boehner Mexican Dessert

Barack Obama has been a tool utilized in a lot of Mark Dice’s videos. Apparently at one point, his videos were considered anti-American, and quite possibly terroristic, as his Youtube account was suddenly deleted, as reported by The Inquisitr. It is back up now, and Dice is still presenting numerous videos on the Illuminati, Orwellian government censorship, NSA big brother spying, and everything else he reports.

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