Is Sherri Shepherd Pregnant? Husband Wants Divorce, Custody Of ‘Unborn Child’

Sherri Shepherd baby

Sherri Shepherd isn’t pregnant — but she is expecting a baby. The View co-host and her husband, Lamar Sally, are getting divorced and Sally reportedly wants full custody of their unborn child — who is being carried by a surrogate according to TMZ. Apparently the fact that Sherri is having a baby via surrogate isn’t a surprise to some as she’s talked about it before. News that Sally wants custody of said baby? Well that’s where the shock comes into play.

According to legal documents, Sally is seeking full legal and physical custody of the baby when it is born in July (the surrogate mother is due to deliver on July 28). Sally, who could only file for legal separation at this time because of the law in California, is also seeking spousal support — and he wants the couple’s prenuptial agreement thrown out the window… you know, while he’s at it.

Sherri Shepherd has not made mention of her troubled marriage publicly but has chosen to focus on the positives in her life instead. She tweeted the following earlier today:

As previously reported by rumors that Sherri already kicked Lamar out of the house have surfaced, suggesting that things between them are bad. Infidelity has been a rumored reason for the couple’s split but Sally listed “fraud” as the reason for having the pre-nup thrown out. It is unclear what is really going on with these two, but things doesn’t look good… at all.

A source tells Radar Online:

“Their whole relationship was built on a fraud and it’s finally over. She’s thrown him out of the house and he’s tried to speak with her, but nothing is happening.”

Sherri Shepherd recently talked to Parade about becoming a mother again at age 47 (her son, Jeffrey, is nine). The interview was posted just a few days ago — and things have gone quite wrong since then. One has to wonder how Sherri went from excited about welcoming a new baby with her husband to throwing him out of the house and preparing to raise the baby alone (presuming that is what she is now planning). The whole thing seems quite strange.

Sherri told Parade:

“The fertility process is a difficult journey, but I’ve got a great mate who’s really passionate. It’s exciting and scary, but we’re ready. Jeffrey will love being a big brother—until the baby poops!”

Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally have been married since 2011.

(Photo courtesy of Steve Fenn / ABC via Parade)