Abortion Clinic Hidden Agenda: Kill Off Latino And African American Communities [VIDEO]

For those who support the progressive movement, abortion clinics have always been a service for women. Following the belief of pro-choice (abortion), as in women have the right to choose to have a baby or not, abortion clinics - usually through the front of Planned Parenthood - provide the service at very little or no cost. Since its legalization back in 1973, over 52 million babies have been killed off through abortion. That's 154 abortion procedures and hour.

But is there a hidden agenda behind abortion, the so-called service to women?

According to Protecting Black Life, a 2010 Census revealed that Planned Parenthood is targeting minority neighborhoods through abortion. About 79% of its surgical abortion facilities are within walking distance of Latino and/or African American communities. They even state that since the legalization of abortion back in 1973, more African American babies have been killed by abortion than the total number of deaths in the African American community. They also believe abortion services have been deliberately and systematically targeting Latino and African American communities, Latino people especially since they are now the majority in minority groups.

Most will probably see it as a coincidence that most abortion clinics are within walking distance of Latino and/or African American communities especially other Latino and African Americans. There can't be any form of racism associated with abortion clinic locations right?

Unfortunately, the truth can be revealed simply by studying the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger. According to a report on The Washington Times, Sanger was a staunch evolutionist and a staunch racist. She spearheaded the eugenics movement in the 1930s and 40s and contributed to sterilization laws in 30 states which resulted in 60,000 sterilizations of vulnerable people, including those she considered "feeble-minded", "idiots", and "morons". She even presented to the Ku Klux Klan rally in 1926.

Margaret Sanger, mother of Planned Parenthood

This woman, who founded Planned Parenthood, is a evolutionary racists who believes in abortion because it is a form of eugenics. And for those who don't know what eugenics is, its the social philosophy that the human race can improve by breeding "good" races (Caucasians) and reducing the reproduction or killing off of "bad" races (Latino and African Americans).

Once again, 79% of all abortion clinics are within walking distance of a Latino and/or African American communities. It doesn't help there are people out there who promote abortion as if it were a worthwhile happy experience too. Sadly, companies that are standing up to protect Latino and African American communities against abortion are ignored, and at times, attacked for trying to bring the truth to the people. It also doesn't help that the majority of people in the Latino and African American communities support abortion, especially since it is part of the progressive movement. If progress is killing off people in the Latino and African American communities through abortion, well it seems they are getting a lot of help by the Latino and African American communities themselves.

In the end, we report, you decide. Need more proof abortion is targeting minorities, just listen to the video above of an actual phone call of someone giving a donation to an abortion clinic and who he wants the abortion for.

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