‘How I Met Your Dad’ Series Pickup, Not So Fast

How I Met Your Dad Spin-off

If there’s one show everyone is waiting to hear about for the upcoming CBS schedule it’s the spin-off series How I Met Your Dad. While we’ve been hot on the show’s trail, reporting everything from cast changes to minor plot details, through all of this we haven’t heard whether or not CBS has decided to pick the show up for a full season or not.

However as we near closer to the upfront for CBS the news of How I Met Your Dad being picked up or dropped has been of much interest. People are so interested that some outlets have prematurely announced that How I Met Your Dad was picked up, but the powers that be are denying this confirmation.

While we’re pretty sure the Carter Bays and Craig Thomas spin-off has a great chance of getting picked up, official word is that it hasn’t been addressed just yet, but will be in the upcoming days.

CBS executive Chris Ender squashed the excitement by tweeting out the news:

If the show is greenlit it will star Frances Ha’s Greta Gerwig as the show’s main character Sally. The character is a New Yorker who is trying to pick up the pieces after going through a divorce. In order to get her through her new phase of life, she calls on her friends to help her weave through the complicated dating scene. Meg Ryan will provide the “grown up-future” voice for Sally in the narrative, just like Bob Saget provided the voice for Josh Radnor’s Ted in How I Met Your Mother.

Rounding out Sally’s friends are actors Drew Tarver Nicholas D’Agosto, Andrew Santino, and Tiya Sircar. There’s no word if an actress was brought in to replace Krysta Rodriguez.

On the heels of the series finale of How I Met Your Mother, Gerwig opened up to Vulture on why people should still tune in to the new series How I Met Your Dad if CBS picks it up.

On her possible new series the actress said:

“It’s hard to talk about something that I’m not sure will exist in the world. I loved making it. I had the best time. I kept saying it was the most fun I’d had since college. It was like TV camp, TV spring break.”

The actress also insisted that it will be different from the original show.

“When the premise of the show is that it’s a young man looking for his true love, it’s a very different feeling than a young woman looking for her true love. But I’m so nervous about it that I have trouble talking about it. I just want it to really exist. And it would shoot here in New York, which would be really special.”

More news to come on How I Met Your Dad when official word comes through.

[Image Credit: CBS]