Kate Middleton Just Can’t Stop Consuming

Kate Middleton isn’t just a princess, she’s a person, and what do people in the 21st century do more than anything else? Why they consume, and as a rich royal, Middleton can consume more than most.

In fact, Kate Middleton is consuming so much, ever her old mum is worried about her.

Middleton’s mother Carole worries Kate is alienating the British public because she’s spending millions on home refurbishments and jet-setting off on luxury vacations.

It may be OK for the likes of Rihanna to swan about on tropical islands without a care in the world, but Kate Middleton is a princess and the public expect more.

Or rather they expect less.

At the very least they expect Kate Middleton to show a little bit of royal restraint.

Sadly it seems Kate is a shopaolic who is incapable of reining in her spending. Kate’s mother Carole Middleton is said to be at her wit’s end when it comes to her daughter Kate’s wanton ways.

A source told Britain’s Woman magazine, “Carole feels like she’s bashing her head against a brick wall trying to get her point across to Kate. For a long time, she’s been taking a softly, softly approach, but after the backlash from her ‘babymoon’, it’s been a lot more urgent.”

Apparently Kate Middleton is also addicted to another of the great evils of modern capitalism – home shopping.

Yet another saucy source told Showbiz Spy: “Kate Middleton loves ordering clothes off the internet and has been getting deliveries nearly every day since she and Prince William returned from their tour Down Under.”

As difficult as it is imagining Kate Middleton trawling ebay and Amazon in search of that all elusive frock, tailor-made for a girl on a budget, home shopping is a ready made convenience no matter if your blood is blue or red.

A source alleged: “Kate loves ordering clothes online. She buys stuff for herself, and cute little outfits for baby George.”

If Kate Middleton really is such a material girl,it must be music to her ears to hear that her engagement ring has increased more than tenfold in value.

Originally purchased as the engagement ring of Princess Diana for £28,000 in 1981, Kate Middleton’s blue sapphire is now worth a whopping £300,000, making Middleton’s rock worth three more times than the Queen’s.

And as Kate Middleton would definitely appreciate, £300,000 is a lot of amazon gift cards.

To consume or not to to consume? Now that Kate is the question.