Justin Bieber’s Manager Facing Steroids Query In Deposition Despite No-Show Tox Report

Justin Bieber Manager To Face Steroid Used Claims

Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun may be asked questions about the singer and alleged steroids use in a lawsuit deposition, despite a toxicology report that revealed no trace of steroids.

Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun may be asked questions about the Canadian singer and alleged steroid use in a lawsuit deposition, despite a January toxicology report revealing no trace of steroids in Bieber’s system.

Paparazzo Jeffrey Binion is suing Bieber and bodyguard Hugo Hesny in a civil assault case. He alleges Bieber ordered his guards to assault him and take his camera and memory card after he was spotted taking photos of the singer outside a Miami studio on June 5, 2013.

Binion also alleges “a gun was displayed” during the alleged attack.

The singer was deposed in a now infamous March 6 deposition in which Binion’s attorney, Mark DiCowden, asked him if he had a current prescription for Xanax. Bieber replied “no” before his lawyer could object to the question.

The question was asked because trace of Xanax was revealed in a toxicology test performed when Justin was arrested on suspicion of DUI in Miami Beach on January 23.

The singer also tested positive for marijuana.

However, no trace of steroids or opiates were found to be in Bieber’s system at the time of his arrest, so it’s likely the steroids allegation is a speculative one by In Touch Weekly.

The tabloid alleges a source said: “Scooter will be asked about what kind of advice Justin has received about handling photographers and did he ever discuss wanting to lash out at them.”

“It has also been circulating that Justin has been abusing steroids, and so if that is the case it will result in his aggression and aggressive tendencies.”

“That’s something Scooter will definitely have to answer to,” the purported source added.

In fact, it hasn’t been circulating that Bieber has been abusing steroids. It was raised in the press as a query with no supporting evidence.

The singer travels with his Swedish trainer Patrick Nilsson and the pair often post Instagram photos of workout sessions. Nilsson outlined their rigorous programs in a Newsday article last year and it’s reasonable to assume Bieber’s muscle gain is down to training rather than steroid use.

Without meaning to, DiCowden himself told In Touch why questions about drugs known to make users “aggressive” are likely to be asked.

“Scooter can be asked about anything that will go to prove that my client is just one of the many victims out there that has been attacked by Justin and his entourage,” DiCowden said.

Civil lawsuits are about one thing: money. Typically, as they progress – and especially with a high profile defendant like Bieber – tabloid media is used to generate speculative claims and raise the ante in the public domain.

Last month, Radar Online revealed Braun has been ordered to attend a deposition on May 15.

The hearing will take place at law offices in Los Angeles.

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