Justin Bieber, Like Many, Finds God, Jesus & Forgiveness Confusing In New Video

Justin Bieber opens up about God, forgiveness, Jesus in Brandon Burke’s new rap video for an #iPledge campaign that aims to raise one million pledges for God.

Justin Bieber’s Christian faith is something he has been asked about many times over his six year career. Now, the singer is lending his star power to rapper Brandon Burke’s brand new #iPledge video which aims to raise one millions pledges for God.

The 20-year-old is seen in the video talking with Burke about the concept of forgiveness, a central principle of Christianity and its view of Jesus Christ as a savior who was crucified for the sins of mankind.

Bieber appears in black and white footage just before the four minute mark of the video, in which Burke delivers a powerful rap set against [in color] images of urban America ending with the words, “Thank God for the cross.”

“God loved the world so much he gave up his only son, right?’ Bieber says to Burke, trying to get his head around the idea.

Justin went on: “Imagine, like, someone killing your son. Like a bunch of people killing your [son]. These are your people, right?”

“It’s like, how are you killing my son? That’s my son. It’s gonna be hard for you to forgive. God forgave everyone and they killed his son.”

That shows how much grace God has,” the singer concluded, with an incredulous look on his face.

It’s likely many will scoff watching Bieber talking about forgiveness, religion, God and Jesus.

1) Because it’s Bieber, and 2) because truth be told, even though most of us will mark a faith preference when prompted to in forms or to get our kids into good schools, most of the time we couldn’t give two hoots about some ancient crucifixion story and the Bible’s tenets.

Until life serves us a plate of ice-cold reality. Then we get real interested in the idea of a higher power.

Justin Bieber And Brandon Burke Talk God, Forgiveness And Jesus In New Video

So, it’s not really that odd to see Bieber musing about God given that he was raised Christian and is likely scared witless about his current alleged DUI, egging, assault and civil cases.

As to how he talks about God and all the God-stuff, not as a lofty philosophy lecturer or new-age know-it-all, but a 20-year-old with ‘what if’ questions — that’s probably because that is exactly who he is.

Hit the video below for past clips of Bieber sharing his thoughts on God, Jesus and bible role models.

Bieber’s mother, Pattie Mallette, herself turned to Christianity after an abused childhood and troubled adolescence.

She introduced Justin to the faith and to Seattle Pastor Judah Smith, who previously traveled to see Bieber perform on his Believe tour in South Africa last year and whose service Bieber attended on Sunday, May 4, according to TMZ.

Last October Justin tweeted about how he “broke down” in a Hillsong Church NYC service given by his friend Pastor Carl Lentz.

It was also previously reported Bieber attempted to get baptized in February while in the Big Apple for Super Bowl weekend, but couldn’t find a location with a pool and privacy before he was due to leave the city.

Justin Bieber, Baptism, Praying

(Photo: Bieber praying with Pastors Lentz and Smith and another in October 2013.)

A source told the New York’s Post Page Six at the time:

“Justin is serious about his Christian faith, and after recent events, he needed to take a pause.”

Meanwhile, Bieber was spotted Wednesday heading out of the Ivar Theater in Los Angeles after a studio recording session with 15-year-old protege Madison Beer.

Bieber later posted an Instagram of himself and the “Melodies” songstress from the session.

Justin Bieber And Madison Beer Have Been Writing Again

On Thursday, after finally confronting nemesis Seth Rogen with a mildly, snarky tweet in the morning, Bieber met fans outside his Four Seasons Beverley Hills hotel.