As If! Alicia Silverstone Attends 'Clueless' Reunion: Get Ready To Feel Old [Photo]

Alicia Silverstone and pals attended a Clueless reunion at the Nokia Theater for an L.A. Film Festival screening of the popular 90s movie. According to Us Weekly, Silverstone was joined by Stacy Dash and Elisa Donovan as well as movie creator/director Amy Heckerlin. The ladies did a Q&A session and talked about their time working on the film -- a whopping twenty years ago.

It is hard to imagine that it has been nearly two decades since the release of the movie -- and if you really want to feel old, keep reading. The stars of the film are no longer goofy teenagers -- not even close.

Alicia Silverstone, 37 (as if!), wore a flirty outfit to the Clueless reunion that was made up of a short, belted dress and black pumps. She wore her blonde hair with just the right amount of wave -- and she looked just how you'd remember her from her days playing a spoiled Cali kid. Stacy Dash, 47 (yes, you read that right), wore an interesting black and white dress ensemble that had large feathers on one side. Elisa Donovan, 43, gave the black and white palette a little pop, wearing a fuscia-hued tunic and strappy heels. All-in-all the women looked great and while they may no longer be in their 20s, you really can't tell (via E! Online).

Alicia Silverstone spoke at the Clueless Reunion about how she felt as she portrayed Cher Horowitz:

"I thought I was channeling Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball. And obviously that wasn't the case but I just felt like that! Especially when I pushed [Elton] off [of me at a house party]. Those were the things that I found lovely."
Stacy Dash (Dionne) talked about working on the film with the group:
"We had so much fun. [Heckerling] had such a clear vision and she was able to translate it to us perfectly."
And Elisa Donovan (Amber) had this to add:
"Just as everyone said, it was such a magical experience. That was my first movie. So to have such an extraordinary group of people, and to have everybody be young, and have so much fun, it was amazing."
The Clueless reunion was great for Alicia Silverstone, Stacy Dash, Elisa Donovan, and the rest of the gang. Unfortunately the guys (Paul Rudd, Donald Faison) weren't on hand and actress Brittany Murphy (who passed away in 2009) was greatly missed as well.

As previously reported by, plenty of people are obsessed with the movie Clueless. In fact, Australian singer Iggy Azalea recently revealed that she based the music video for her song "Fancy" on the film. Are you a fan of the movie? What's your favorite Clueless quote?

[Photo courtesy of Araya Diaz/ via Us Weekly]