Real Madrid Draws Against Valladolid, Now What?

Real Madrid vs. Valladolid ended in a 1-1 draw. Now what? For starters it looks like “Los Blancos'” chances of winning the treble are all but gone, though there is still a slim shot at winning La Liga and when we say slim, we mean, very, very small.

Atletico Madrid continues to sit comfortably in first place with 88 points, second place belongs to Barcelona with 85, and Real rounds up to top three with 84.

Tuesday’s match also had a disturbing event for Carlo Ancelotti’s team. Their star, Cristiano Ronaldo, was taken off the field in the 8th minute, mostly as a precaution as he suffered an injury to his hamstring.

Before the match, there was talk that Real Madrid’s top player would miss the match due to injury. However, this was discounted by the team’s skipper via Real’s Twitter account earlier in the day.

Sergio Ramos was, once again, the one to provide for the 1-0 lead in the 35th minute with a free kick to the right top corner, completely out of reach for Jaime. This was his fourth goal in five games.

In the 44th Ramos had a great chance to score again, but it was not meant to be. In the 85th minute Valladolid’s strategy paid off when Osario delivered a stunning header, putting Real Madrid’s dreams of the La Liga title almost out of reach.

It appears as if Real Madrid will have to see what happens between Atletico and Barcelona, who play their last match of the season against each other on May 17, at the Vicente Calderón.


Even though Valladolid is in 16th place in La Liga standings, without Bale — who is also injured — and Ronaldo out, it was clear that Real Madrid was not cohesive enough to pull what should have been an easy win against a much weaker team, on paper.

A draw is not as bad as a loss and Real Madrid added one point to their total, but is it enough to claim the Spanish title?

Real needs Atletico to lose both matches they have left and for Barcelona to lose theirs against Elche in order to win La Liga. In other words, winning the title is out of their hands, which will be more than frustrating for the team that has already won the Copa del Rey and are headed to the UEFA Champions League final in Lisbon.

Do you think Real Madrid has any chance to win La Liga after their draw against Valladolid?

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