HGTV Axes Anti-Gay 'Benham Brothers' After Backlash

Kim LaCapria

Home improvement network HGTV has scrapped the planned new show, Benham Brothers, after outcry about the pair's anti-gay beliefs began to crop up on social media sites like Facebook.

On April 22, plans for the Benham brothers to join HGTV were announced on their website, and the post described what was in the works for the now cancelled program:

"Brothers David Benham and Jason Benham have been flipping homes for years and now they want to share their insights for house-flipping success with couples anxious to earn some extra income for their families. In each episode, the dads will guide families who are new to house flipping as they find the right place, fix it up and flip it."

David Benham is quoted as saying to Christian radio host Janet Mefferd at the time of his opposition to same-sex marriage:

"When Amendment One passed I realized the only three counties in North Carolina that actually voted against the amendment were Charlotte, Raleigh and Asheville, our three cities... So we had all the rural areas and all the suburban areas but we lost all the cities. So I felt like, OK, it's time that we have a citywide church service of repentance and that's the reason that we decided to do it right in the heart of Charlotte the night before the DNC."

The decision by HGTV was announced on Facebook today:

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However, HGTV is also facing backlash for the decision not to proceed with the Benham brothers show, and one angry viewer posted to their page:

"HGTV discriminates people who listen and follow God... God Bless America! They have cancelled the two brothers who are anti-gay... where is the tolerance and acceptance of everyones belief's. [sic] I think everyone should BOYCOTT HGTV until they learn to be fair and tolerant!!! Their are alot [sic] of people who watch HGTV who are Christians... so I suggest to all the Christians that we NOT WATCH HGTV until they respect other's beliefs[.]"

HGTV has not specified why the Benham brothers show plans were cancelled today.