Derek Jeter Nears 3000 Hits, New York Yankees Ticket Prices Soar

Ticket prices for New York Yankee games have drastically climbed over the last few days as team leader Derek Jeter has inched ever closer to the 3,000 hits milestone. Tickets that cost just $80 last week are not fetching $165 for this weekends series.

Jeter is just four hits shy of 3,000 and will take on Cleveland tonight before a four-game home stand against the Tampa Bay Rays.

The secondary market is also drying up with only 5,000 to 9,000 tickets available per game instead of the average 20,000 mark.

Whoever catches the 3,000 hit could have a money ball on their hands, plus bragging rights among friends that they have managed to catch the Derek Jeter 3,000 hit ball.

Would you be willing to pay more than double a tickets value if you could possible catch Jeter’s 3,000th hit off a home run? Just keep in mind that the hit could be something as simple as a single to left field.