‘Destiny’ Open Beta Coming Soon, Says Activision

The Destiny open beta is on its way, according to Activision. In just a couple of months, the public will be able to help play test the latest Bungie killer IP and possibly offer suggestions to improve the game. Respawn did something similar with Titanfall and it ended up being one of the top selling games for Microsoft’s consoles. Can the spiritual successor to Halo take on the mech shooter and everything else competing for your FPS dollar?

It was announced in an investor call today that the Destiny open beta has been scheduled for July, so gamers can go ahead and begin stretching their trigger fingers in anticipation of Bungie’s newest shooter franchise. It is reportedly the most expensive game ever made, rivaling Grand Theft Auto 5, so this game has a lot to prove.

Hailed as the followup to Halo, Destiny apparently follows the adventures of three soldiers, each using a different style of combat. The Titan is the agile one, employing getaway tactics to stay untouchable. The Hunter is the most well rounded, appearing to use throwing weapons for a game of keep-away. The Warlock is the tank, capable of using arcane forces to attack opponents. It’s unknown what their mission is, but we can expect something involving the fate of the world and possibly others nearby.

Recent trailers have shown off what appears to be a futuristic sci-fi shooter that seems to be trying to convey the scope of Halo. Undoubtedly, the story itself will add to the feel of the game, since on its own it doesn’t seem to really appear to try anything groundbreaking. Of course we haven’t seen much about the game other than trailers.

With rival title Planetside 2 being ported to the PS4, Activision’s epic shooter will need to impress us with more than just pretty graphics. Planetside 2 will put you right in the middle of epic battles involving entire armies, basically changing the perspective on the real time strategy genre better than Battlefield 4 managed to do. Can Bungie do what EA couldn’t, before Planetside 2 grabs the throne?

In July, the Destiny open beta will be the public’s chance to tell Activision what needs to be fixed, and possibly give some insight into making the title a must-play. The next generation is here, and the competition will be fierce. Every shooter is going to have to prove itself against Call of Duty, which itself is trying to change the game and bring back the fans.

The Destiny release date has been set for September 9 of this year, and it’s scheduled to hit the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3. Are you excited to try out the Destiny open beta?