Watch Walter White And Rick Grimes Rap Battle

The guys over at the Epic Rap Battle YouTube channel have done it again. After about four months without any new content, ERB has released a new Epic Rap Battle of History, which doesn’t feature historical figures this time but fictitious anti-heroes. In the above video, you can see notorious bad-boy sheriff Rick Grimes from the show The Walking Dead square off against chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin Walter White from the show Breaking Bad.

Fans of the YouTube channel will likely agree the four month hiatus was worth the wait. The video, titled “Rick Grimes vs Walter White” is full of ERB’s signature reference-based humor and incredibly high production values. The concept of Epic Rap Battles of History is to pit two famous figures, sometimes fictitious, sometimes historical (sometimes one against the other), against each other in an imaginary arena reminiscent of the video game Mortal Kombat. After an over-the-top announcer shouts “Begin!” the two characters duke it out in a vicious battle of words and wit, usually using their opponent’s notorious negative qualities against them to sling insults and threats.

The match between Walter White and Rick Grimes is no different, loaded with hilarious jokes and slightly esoteric nods to the characters’ respective television shows. The gloves come off on the rap battlefield. No topic is out of bounds, from Walter’s tighty-whities to Rick’s wife’s affair.

Like most recent rap battles, the two combatants here were chosen to fight one another because they share a common trait. Both Walter White and Rick Grimes have gained a cult-following among television fans and a reputation for walking the line between good and evil. The video is mostly spoiler free, since the majority of the jokes are vague enough not to give away major plot points, but watch with caution.

The timing of the release of the video could have been slightly better since the massively successful Breaking Bad had its series finale on September 29 of last year. The Walking Dead, however, is still going strong. According to Fansided, the fifth season should premiere sometime in 2015. A spin-off of Breaking Bad titled Better Call Saul is planned to premiere in November of 2014. Cinema Blend reports that the show will be mostly comedy and focus on Walter White’s funny but morally questionable attorney Saul Goodman, before the events of Breaking Bad took place.

The Epic Rap Battles of History channel is run by Peter Shukoff, who plays Rick Grimes this time, and Lloyd Ahlquist, who plays Walter White. The two met through Ahlquist’s improvisation company and have made rap battles for YouTube since 2010. The ERB channel has over 9 million subscribers. Peter and Lloyd are certainly the most successful content creators in the market of rap battles, but they aren’t the only ones. Comedy duo, Rhett and Link, recently released a rap battle between nerds and geeks.

Who do you think won this battle? Walter White or Rick Grimes?