Brian Giles Sued for Bashing Girlfriend: Lawyers release video as proof

Cheri Olvera former girlfriend of Padres baseballer, Brian Giles is suing him for $10 million. The law suit claims Giles failed to live up to an agreement to provide for her and her and her daughter, and also alleges four separate incidents of domestic violence.

If you want all the gory details you can find them here but in a nutshell

• In 2002, a pregnant Cheri Olvera missed a show in Las Vegas. Giles allegedly became angered, and struck her in the face.

• On a family trip with the Padres, Giles, allegedly hit Olvera and gave her a fat lip.

• Olvera claims Giles physically dragged her off a bar stool and out of a bar, hitting her so hard she fell to the floor. For this one the lawyers released video footage below.

• In 2007 Giles allegedly dragged Olvera through an open car window and threw her to the ground.

Olvera’s lawyer said that earlier this year, she became pregnant with Giles’ baby and miscarried after Giles allegedly threw her down a hallway. This was Olvera’s second miscarriage, and even though Giles allegedly beat her through this pregnancy, she doesn’t hold him responsible for that miscarriage.

Classy. Giles will make $9 million in 2009, the final season of his contract with the Padres. Naturally on some of the sports blogs there are knuckle dragging Padre fans saying that Cheri Olvera is a gold digger and that she didn’t really get beaten up. I am inclined to believe Cheri, I mean that is a wife beater mustache if I ever saw one.