Justin Bieber And Yovanna Ventura, Girlfriend Or Selena Gomez Revenge Ruse?

Justin Bieber has replaced Selena Gomez with another beautiful brunette, Yovanna Karen Ventura.

And while some Bieber fans aren’t over the moon about his new model gal pal, the 20-year-old singer has been spending a lot of time with the Miami senior high school student.

Most recently, the Canadian singer hung out with 18-year-old Yovanna in Las Vegas, where they watched the Floyd Mayweather-Marcos Maidana boxing bout on May 3, with Justin later posting an Instagram shot of himself, the model and Kylie Jenner from Sin City.

From there, Justin and Yovanna hotfooted it to Venice Beach on Monday, where the singer star and the fitness enthusiast were spotted playing beach games, taking a bicycle rickshaw ride during which Bieber got touchy-feely and generally acted like a young guy on a date.

Notably, the pair refer to each other as friends in Instagram photos.

Meanwhile, Hollywood Life claims Yovanna is just a pawn in Justin’s revenge ruse to make Selena jealous.

This claim may or may not be true, but as the former sweethearts recently unfollowed each other on Instagram, it seems even Bieber and Gomez have decided they are better off apart.

Ventura’s appearance on the scene has confused fans and media alike, as up until recently Bieber and Gomez were assumed to be making another go of their on-off relationship and were even described as “inseparable” when they went to Coachella a few weekends ago.

However, it was at the Indio, California festival that things went south.

According to reports, after spending time with both Kylie and her sister Kendall at Coachella, within days Selena unfollowed the Jenners on her Instagram feed, also deleting their photos. She then unfollowed everyone.

It was alleged the “Come & Get It” singer was angry over Justin’s “flirting” with Kylie and discovery of texts sent between them.

But with E! News reporting Bieber and Ventura’s “relationship is blossoming,” these claims about Kylie may be off-base.

In addition, recent reports state Gomez has “no issue” with the sisters.

Following a flood of media reports on his Venice Beach outing, Bieber took to Instagram late Tuesday to deny he was dating Yovanna.

“I guess everyone I get photo’d with is automatically my girlfriend,” he wrote, adding,”This is my only gf @moneyyaya p.. “Had fun at the fight lil one see u soon.!.”

The “Confident” singer’s caption ran alongside a picture of Justin wearing a wry expression and hugging Iyanna Mayweather, the 14-year old daughter of Floyd.

Justin Bieber and Iyanna Mayweather

(Photo: Bieber Instagram.)

For her part, Yovanna — she is fluent in both English and Spanish — also had a message for fans who left comments at her Instagram page accusing her of breaking up Bieber and Gomez, and her habit of posting selfies that focus on her posterior.

To be fair, the model is paid to advertize fitness clothes and products. Addressing her over 240,000 followers on the photo-sharing site, Ventura wrote:

“What you see on the outside is not who I am on the inside.”

Yovanna continued, “I get so much judgement about what people THINK (due to my current situation) I am before they actually get to know me. I am a simple and very practical girl that is not turned on by flashy things. I am far from superficial or petty.”

She concluded, “People need to stop passing judgment” and “find out who” she is “as a person. Instead of condemning someone you know nothing about.”

Meanwhile, E!’s source said the model thinks Justin “is a nice, sweet guy, a gentleman,” and that he “really likes her.”

Elaborating, the insider added, “I think he really enjoys being around her. She is just such a genuine person and he likes to talk to her.”

It remains to be seen if we’re all still wondering if Yovanna is Bieber’s girlfriend in the weeks and months to come.

Justin Bieber And Yovanna Ventura Hang Out On Venice Beach, Los Angeles

(Photo: Instagram, Bieber and Ventura in Las Vegas.)

Justin Bieber Poses With Yovanna Aventura

(Photo: Ventura Instagram.)

Justin Bieber's New Gal Pal Yovanna Ventura