Lark Voorhies Plastic Surgery Rumors Abound After SBTB Star Comes Out Of Hiding

Saved By The Bell's Lark Voorhees has been the subject of plastic surgery speculation for the last few years -- and every time the actress who played Lisa Turtle emerges, so too do the rumors that she's had a bit of work done in the years since she appeared on screen with Zach and Kelly.

Lark Voorhees' new look is often buzzed about, and gossip site The Gloss had this to say about the SBTB star's most recent appearance at a showbiz event:

"... she does not look all that much like Lisa Turtle any longer. And by "not all that much," I mean she looks about as much like Lisa Turtle as Courtney Stodden looks like Kermit the Frog."


Global Grind blamed a "foundation malfunction" for Lark Voorhees' plastic appearance, saying:

"During her first public appearance in about two years at the Where We Started film premiere in L.A., the former actress stopped to speak with the paparazzi about the possibility of a Bayside High reunion. The closer she stepped to the camera, the clearer it became that Lark - or the person in charge of her glam squad – completely forgot to put foundation around her eyes."

Celeb Dirty Laundry notes that the appearance was Lark's first in more than two years, and when we last saw Voorhees, she was rumored to be slightly unhinged. The site reports:

"In 2012 Voorhies gave an interview with People Magazine, the interviewer noted that Voorhies wasn't making any sense and would stop in mid-sentence and mumble to imaginary people. Hoorhies Mom came forward and explained that the 90's star was battling depression and suffered from mental illness, which Voorhies vehemently denied... Since the 2012 People Magazine fiasco Voorhies had pretty much dropped off the radar until Friday when she attended the movie premiere in Hollywood."

Below is a still from the clip above -- in the video or the image, do you think it looks like the Saved By The Bell star has had work done since her days on Saturday morning tween programming? Could a makeup mishap be to blame for her slightly unusual appearance and overall different look, or does she look "freshened up" in a more surgical way?

lark voorhees plastic surgery

In the clip above, Lark Voorhees speaks about a possible Saved By The Bell reunion, but is unclear as to whether the redux is a go at this point. Do you think Lark has aged as well as her SBTB co-stars?