Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift Dance Off Rift Rumors & Bieber In Met Gala Video

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift were rumored to have feuded over the Disney alum’s reunion with Justin Bieber. With reports that the Biebs and Gomez have now parted ways, the two girls were seen for the first time in months with a dance video Selena posted from the 2014 Met Gala.

It seems this year’s Met Gala wasn’t just a night for couture fashion, elite star spotting, and wowing the red carpet.

For Selena Gomez, it appears the event was also a night to put her best foot forward after a trying personal time and surprise the heck out of anyone who swallowed tabloid rumors that she was feuding with Taylor Swift.

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Taylor, 24, wearing pale pink Oscar de la Renta and Selena, 21, in burgundy Diane Von Fursternberg, poked a little fun at rumormongers and kicked tales of their feud into touch.

And all it took was a dance at this year’s Met Gala.

On the night of the ball, Selena uploaded a 15-second Instagram video of herself and Swifty running through part of the museum, making faces at the camera and twirling in their gowns.

The clip was set to Dean Martin’s “Volare” and featured lyrics somewhat aptly saying:

“Let us leave the confusion and all this illusion behind.”

Gomez’s caption for the short but stylish visual read:

“And during… sometimes you wanna just be you with someone who knows all your secrets,” suggesting the girls are still very close.

It was only last week that Radaronline reported Selena had moved on from Taylor because theI Knew You Were Trouble” songstress’ reportedly disliked Bieber, adding that Gomez was apparently “bored” with Swift.

A source had allegedly told the site: “With her parents no longer in the picture as managers or chaperones, Selena started hanging out with Justin again.”

“Her parents are not fans of his at all. And neither is Taylor Swift. Even though Selena and Justin aren’t together right now, it’s still caused a rift between her and Taylor,” the insider purportedly added.

The site claimed the two pals parted ways as soon as Selena and Justin started seeing each other, adding that Gomez had also had enough of Taylor’s seemingly more sedate ways and “didn’t want to bake cookies or paint anymore.”

At the time the quotes seemed out of character for Gomez. Now, in light of her Met dance video, even more so.

Selena Gomez And Taylor Swift Are Still Great Friends

(Photo: Screengrab of Gomez video.)

Rumors of Swift and Gomez’s falling out have been reported for a while, but they spiked after Selena unfollowed Taylor on Instagram.

But then, she unfollowed everyone within days of returning from a three days of hanging out with the Jenners — Kylie, 16, and Kendall, 18 — and Bieber when the trio spent time at the Coachella festival in Indio, California.

Justin joined the girls on day three, when he also made a surprise appearance onstage with Chance The Rapper.

As well abruptly unfollowing the Jenners on Instagram, Selena deleted pictures of the sisters. According to gossip reports, the rift was over Gomez’s suspicions that Bieber and Kylie got “flirty” at Coachella.

After sniping in the press between Gomez’s and the Jenners’ camps, Gossip Cop, E! and Us Weekly reported Selena had “no issues” with the Jenners but confirmed “Justin is out of the picture.”

However, the latest news is that Bieber is probably dating 18-year-old Miami model, Yovanna Ventura, which may mean all those rumors about him “flirting” with Kylie were false.

During a recent trip to Las Vegas to support boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. in his fight against Marcos Maidana, Bieber hung out with Kylie and Yovanna, posting a photo of the trio after the fight.

The move seemed to prompt a response from Selena, which we reported on in-depth here.

While Kylie flew on to NYC after Las Vegas, Ventura and Bieber returned to Los Angeles.

The pair were spotted having fun and games on Venice Beach on Monday, although Bieber later denied he has a girlfriend in an Instagram statement while joking he was dating Iyanna Mayweather — the boxer’s 14-year-old daughter.

Late Tuesday, the 20-year-old singer posted a message on Instagram, writing:

“I guess everyone I get photo’d with is automatically my girlfriend.”

Justin added, “This is my only gf @moneyyaya… Had fun at the fight lil one see u soon.!”

Justin Bieber Denies He Has Girlfriend

(Photo: Instagram.)

Bieber’s statment may have been a response to some Beliebers’ online attacks on Yovanna since her name was exposed after Vegas, which led the fitness enthusiast and Miami Senior High School student to also take to Instagram yesterday, writing:

“What you see on the outside is not who I am on the inside,” she began.

“I get so much judgement about what people THINK (due to my current situation) I am before they actually get to know me. I am a simple and very practical girl that is not turned on by flashy things. I am far from superficial or petty.”

Yovanna continued: “Sometimes we as people need to stop passing judgment on the ones you know nothing about.”

The model added, “Rather, take the time out and find out who you really are as a person. Instead of condemning someone you know nothing about.”

Meanwhile, the headline is Selena and Taylor are as tight as ever and Met Gala dance video proves it.

Justin Bieber And Yovanna Ventura Hanging Out

(Photo: Instagram, Bieber and Ventura.)