Apple iWatch Leading To Medical Hiring Spree At Cupertino HQ

The Apple iWatch’s pending release is leading the Cupertino company to go on a bit of a hiring spree for medical professionals, according to numerous sources close to the firm.

Apple, as always, has kept any official news about the iWatch under wraps, much as it has done with all of its other devices, but that hasn’t kept details from circulating around the web. The problem when dealing with Apple and any new devices like the iWatch is it can be hard to separate fact from fiction.

What we do know, is that Apple has gone on a bit of a hiring spree, according to the Verge. The medical technology experts the Cupertino company has hired in recent weeks could be working on anything, but it seems more likely than not that Apple is having them work on wearable technology.

Apple has also promised it is going to be launching devices in new technology verticals this year and the iWatch would certainly fit into this category. Apple’s hiring spree isn’t just pulling medical professionals, it is also hiring people who have been higher ups in the technological field that deals with wearable tech.

All of this could actually be for something different than the iWatch. Perhaps the company is looking at something like the Fitbit instread. It could also be something completely different in the health tech world.

Cnet reports as many as six biomedical experts, along with the other health tech professionals, have been hired by Apple. It should be pointed out that, as usual, the media is simply having to connect the dots using resources such as LinkedIn pages and whisperings from sources the tech industry trusts.

If the pieces don’t fit together to form the Apple iWatch, then they certainly fit together to form some new sort of product. It’s unlikely Apple would invest this much money simply to construct some new sort of function for its iPhone.

While Apple is reportedly redesigning the iPhone 6 in a big way, it seems unlikely the new model will have such a high focus on medical technology. The chances of Apple’s newest iPhone having some integration with the iWatch seems more likely.

Because Apple is practicing its usual lack of communication, there are few people who know for sure what’s up Tim Cook’s sleeves. If the CEO does indeed expect to announce the Apple iWatch in the coming months, he’ll just need to roll his sleeves up in order to give us a look.